It's officially Spring on the east coast and everybody is buzzin' with ideas of
 late afternoon walks, planting flowers, saying hello to neighbors with a rejuvenated smile and wave. As if we were a clan of bears, hibernating over winter.

I have a few Spring rituals that creep around every time the weather
gets lighter, days get longer, & my bedroom windows are pulled open letting the new air penetrate my world, and lungs.
One of my favorite "It's Spring!" things to do is rewatch HBO's Carnivale series.
It's my absolute favorite series. Ever. 

The simple Good Vs. Evil is more complicated and beautiful than anyone could imagine.
The characters playing out, like old time friends, the scenes that forever change your idea of human beings.
The rules are always changing, and evil takes form like you've never seen. Within the heart of a preacher.

Gah! I love it. It has definitely been my biggest muse when it comes to vintage inspired anything.
And of course, plays a huge part in my Carnival (and Freak) obsession.

I've also been taking Charlie boy on walks.
I'm kind of frustrated there aren't more dog friendly trails here in the Reading area.
We used to walk around Blue Marsh lake (they drain the lake a little in the winter), and discover some pretty cool things in the sand. The whole boots getting stuck in muck gets kind of old after awhile...

What is your absolute favorite thing to do during Spring??

I'm finishing up some prints at the studio, then meeting Mike for lunch and spending the rest of the afternoon together. It's something we can't normally fit into our schedules, so I'm looking forward to our little rendezvous.

Have a great weekend!


M.M.E. said...

It's so wonderful to meet another fine artist. Great spring list. My favorite thing to do is take my bike out for a long, long ride. Even though it hurts my butt and legs the next day, it's such a thrill to feel the wind in my face again.

thu said...

i love this post, because I loved the Carnivale series on HBO too!

my favorite ritual for spring is going to the park / piers and taking off my shoes and walking through the grass..