(Late) Spring Cleaning Inspires Sale

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We have one closet in our apartment. It was a staircase that was floored off where it meets the second floor of this big, old house we live in. The stairs are still intact, and painted a glossy red that baffles me. This closet is a constant reminder that you better be damn good at Tetris. Or it wins.

It's just the beginning of the organizing and cleaning that comes with the change in the season. With the possibility of owning our first house in the near future, it's a bittersweet job that needs to be done. I love this apartment. I love the memories we've made here, and what it means to us.

But I've taken an emotional turn! Seasonal cleaning means two things.

The annual rewatching of Carnivale.
A 40% off all prints sale in my Etsy Store.

If you haven't watched Carnivale, I suggest you do! It's by far my favorite HBO production, and even though the cancellation is still a fresh wound (...some 8 years later), it doesn't seem to matter that we never got to see it play out to the end. Ok. That's a lie. What happened to Sophie?!

The shop sale ends May 28!


The Month of May

May in Philadelphia has started off chilly, with bursts of bright sun and I am absolutely loving it. I hope it lasts through the whole month, and June warms up slowly. Considering that isn't the style of weather the Northeast is accustomed to, this may just be wishful thinking.

I know I'm 5 days late, but wanted to celebrate the season change with a free desktop calendar!
Choose the size that best fits your screen, and download!