Losing the jerkiness of me

Lately I haven't been feeling much like myself. Even worse, I haven't felt much like a photographer either.
The blog, and shop have gotten to become more of an obligation than a joy in the last month or so. I tend to feel guilty if I don't post often, especially since I haven't been shooting all that much either.
I started to think it was time for me to take a break.
The last thing I want to do is shoot just for the sake of selling a print.
That was never, ever my intentions when I first started to explore fine art. 
I suppose I got caught up in the quantity>quality and it began eating at me slowly.
So a decision, and a list has been made if for nothing but to keep my sanity.
• Start shooting for me 
• Clean lenses more often
• Take advantage of any beautiful light outside.
• Be thankful for positive people in my life, and show them
• Tripod Light Stand (a DIYproject that I intended to start over a year ago)
• Speak up about ideas
• Don't be afraid to fail
• Learn how to paint furniture, successfully (Do you know Holly @LifeInTheFunLane? Yeah, intimidating)
• Never forget yourself or your dreams
• Don't be a jerk(!!)

This little list is a start of getting my life back in order.
Have any of you had these sort of roadblocks? How did you overcome them?

The shop will stay open, and I will post to the blog as often as I can but I truly intend on doing things for myself from now on. No more guilty feelings. You may see some photography that you've never seen from me before.
I hope you love it, all the same.



Oh, hi. Can I live here?


get a job

Tomorrow is Job Fair at Antonelli Institute.
Job Fair is held for the soon-to-be graduates of 2010.
They will go through simulated interviews with photographers in the field to prep their minds for the  real world they are about to enter. 

This will be our (Maggie & myself) second time attending!

This is why we're so excited:
Not only are we representing a working commercial studio, I also get to represent myself as a fine art photographer.
Our goal is to show the students, you can really do anything. You shouldn't have to limit yourself to one type of photography. I really hope we inspire the commercial and fine art students a little tomorrow. 

On the real, real:
Even though photography students are mainly wedding & portrait, there are commercial and fine art students there just trying to find their own way. I can tell you from experience that as a commercial student being interviewed by a portrait studio was a little...disheartening. I didn't think I'd be hired from a portfolio filled with food & product shots.
But, it did give me the courage to go on more interviews after college and some of the interviewers had great feedback for my portfolio.

Of course, I'm already nervous. There is something extremely profound about being asked to interview students from where you graduated. It is also very humbling being back in the old hallways, and seeing teachers who really kicked your butt into gear. You feel proud of yourself, to being working in your field, and you want to represent your studio perfectly.

What I love about our studio is the fact that we are real people. We dress casually, we act up (....a lot), but we get the job done, and we do a hell of a good job. 

*a little fyi, Mike graduated Valedictorian from Antonelli in 2006 for Graphic Design, he will also be there interviewing the graphic students. I'm a proud little girlfriend because he can do everything.
The students love him because he's young and in his professional career and does freelance designs from home. He's the real deal, and is definitely inspirational!

So, wish us luck! I will chat with you guys later :)


dear you

dear fast & furious honda guy that tried to race me yesterday,
just because i drive a mazda, with an insanely unnecessary exhaust
doesn't mean i am going to partake in your game.
yes, i know beating a girl will boost your ego
but it still won't change that POS you're driving.

dear mourning doves this morning,
generally i love your cooing. but today?
what was that?

dear cannoli,
i really, really wanted to eat you yesterday.
really, really, really.

dear itunes shuffle,
you have been amazing these past few days.
please don't stop bringing the good stuff!

dear running kicks,
i can't believe i lived a life without you!
i never thought i could run without feeling
death is running behind me either.

dear bangs,
you look cute. but please grow a litttttllleee bit longer.

dear friends from a distant land,
have you met (and friended!!)

dear future apartment with boyfriend,
i can't wait to meet you.



-a mist in the valley lying -


.losing yourself.

First Row L to R - ::Elle:: rimel neffati :: Iris Kivisalu :: 
Bottom Row L to R - :: Dylan_Murphy :: Ervin Bartis ::

It's pretty undeniable that each self portrait is gorgeous.
I've never conducted a successful self portrait to date.
I find these inspiring, and okay I'm a little jealous.

Found through flickr contacts and flickr "self portrait" groups.

.april giveaway winner!.


Congrats, Andrea!
She has been trying to win one of these for a long time, bout time your number came up!
If you haven't been to Andrea's blog, please go now!
I especially love her latest "The Witching Hour" series.

When I first started blogging, I also got to talk about Andrea and her work.
You can view that here.

Thank you for those who played! And those who didn't, I guess you just missed out, huh?



Catalog months are upon us at the studio. This week will be a lot of cleaning, prepping props, more cleaning, and hopefully website work. Next week it begins! I hope I come out alive.
Have a great Monday!


.just friday.

Happy Friday, friends!
It's unusual to have a Friday off and all to myself.
Whatever would I do??
First, I stopped off at the library to dig through the piles and piles
and towers of books during their weekend book sale.
I was giddy, and picked up these lovelies I just can't wait to get my nose in them!
:Jewel: Bret Lott
:The Photograph: Penelope Lively
:The Weight of Water: Anita Shreve
:Mirror Lake: Thomas Christopher Greene
:Human Smoke: Nicholson Baker (came with articles in the pages about WWII)
I also picked up a favorite to give to a friend this weekend...

Water all my plants, and can you actually believe this little guy
from below is an Avocado plant? Sadly, it won't bear fruit.
I know I wouldsit outside all day pulling avocados from it's branches.

Pulled out my sandals and flip flops!! 
I found it funny that these had dusty outlines of my toes. Haha.
Obviously haven't been worn in a while...
I trucked around in them all day today, and it felt so good!

I'm making Vegetable Strudel for dinner.
Mmmmm puff pastry and savory veggies? Win.
I'm there.

This weekend is going to be sunny, breezy and full of relaxation!
I hope you all have a great weekend :)

Please don't forget to enter the giveaway!!

P.S. Charlie says hi.


.april giveaway.


This week's giveaway is to get yourself flip flop weather ready!

Here's what you will be winning:
1:: 8x8 Fine Art Print "Folly Beach Pier" by Kaelyn Michaels
1::  ~BRAND NEW~ Fine Art Print "The Closing" by Tina Crespo

Here's what you have to do to win:
1:: Enter by leaving a comment
2:: Follow this blog
3:: Tell us in your comment a favorite summer memory, something you can't wait to do this summer,
and because I'm starving right now your FAVORITE summer treat!
(*also leave an email to contacted by!*)

The winner will be chose by Random Name Picker Sunday April 11th @ 8pm eastern.

Good luck!

::Kaelyn's flickr::facebook fanpage::



would like to thank you, for showing me a part of myself i've never seen.

How was everyone's weekend? Easter?
Very relaxing weekend with friends, and beautiful weather.
What more can you ask for?

....how about another giveaway?
Stayed tuned tomorrow for the details

xo- T