Good Morning...

A day ago I saw an influx of 'favorites' from a flickrette, Andrea Despot. This morning, she sends me a quick message telling me she's blogged about me! I quickly typed in her blog(which you can see here.) And oh, the wonderful things she said! Check it out to get the full scoop.
My favorite part about flickr is finding so much inspiration in the world. I'd say flickr alone has gotten me out of some pretty nasty moods, just from all the beauty it holds. It also pushes a photographer or artist to be the best that she can be. I've learned a lot from Antonelli (Art Institute in Philadelphia), but I've learned just as much from wonderful friends on flickr.
Er...don't tell my professors that......

Andrea is a graduate from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, and is based out of southern Virginia. She has really great images on her flickr, I chose to show some of her B&W's because I thought they were really wonderful.

Thanks Andrea!

Andrea's Flickr


andrea said...

how sweet you are! i definitely didn't expect to have someone blog about me, thank you so much! and you are very very welcome, i really do love your work. and if i ever own an orange orchard/orange grove i'll definitely let you know :)

ps. i'll be putting a link to your blog on mine as well, i think you've got a great start going here!

thislovelycity said...

Gotta love flickr!

I hope you don't mind, but I also posted about you today on my blog. Swear I'm not a crazy stalker, just an admiring fan.

Hope you're having a lovely day!