It's my 2 year anniversary on Society6! It just so happens they are having a sale, which is pretty perfect timing if you ask me. The past few weeks I've been coming home to big boxes packed full of awesome products with my work on it. I never wanted to be that guy and hang my own artwork, but my Wilderness print in the white frame looks so effing good, I couldn't resist.
$5 off most products (I believe framed prints, canvases, and pillows with inserts are not discounted) + free worldwide shipping is kind of amazing. If you're looking to give your walls a little refresher this Spring, remember to use the promo link below to get the discount!

Oh! If you Instagram and happen to purchase one of my products for your home, do tag your posts with #tinacrespophoto - it makes my day seeing my work out in the wild (and I'll regram your post!). If you're really into cats, coffee, and succulents - follow me on instagram @tinacrespo





When it comes to my personal taste in design, I like it simple. Nothing strikes me more than good ol black and white design, and I'm really loving these new designs in my Society6 shop.

Fortune T-Shirt - $22 / Collecting Hoodie - $42 / Wander Clock - $30



Since it's been forever since my last post, an Instagram review of the last three months is in order. 

So it's obvious that the majority of my time was spent around dogs, Trill, and succulents.
But there were a few stand out moments.

+ We took a long awaited trip to Rockport, Massachusetts. I couldn't believe how comfortable we were from the moment we stepped out of the car. It was home, with the exception of the ocean and the reminder that we were somewhere special.
+ Mike and I also got engaged! ::enter tween squeal here:: 


In Shop News

Starting Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday, I am having a 30% off sale in my ETSY SHOP
And SOCIETY6 is offering free shipping on all items now through Cyber Monday
It's a good time to be shopping for yourself, and your loved ones that's for sure!




I did something totally out of my comfort zone, and I'm all giddy inside because I really freaking love the result. I'm taking a cue from Susannah Conway this month and doing the shit that I want to do. Regardless of what others think, or whatever the manifested fear driven devil on my shoulder may whisper into my ear. It's going to be really uncomfortable, and I can already feel myself compelled to run away, but I have to push through.

It's fitting that today starts the annual August Break that Susannah Conway started to give photographers and bloggers an opportunity to break away from the pressures of our hypersocial-sensitive minds. Every day she encourages us to take photographs of what we love and blog about it. No pressure, no judgement. And if you're stuck one day, there's a helpful photo prompt list to jumpstart your creativity. I'll be sharing my photographs at the end of every week, and I would love to see what any of you may be sharing.

Below is a free, printable calendar that I created to get you through this last Summer month. Click the image to download!

 photo AugustCalendar_TinaCrespoFreebie.jpg



Technically, it's Sunday. 
I love this little monster so much, I could eat her. 
It's good to be home.

+ note: I completely didn't know that Lillies were toxic to cats! They have since been taken outside, and no kitties were harmed.