I did something totally out of my comfort zone, and I'm all giddy inside because I really freaking love the result. I'm taking a cue from Susannah Conway this month and doing the shit that I want to do. Regardless of what others think, or whatever the manifested fear driven devil on my shoulder may whisper into my ear. It's going to be really uncomfortable, and I can already feel myself compelled to run away, but I have to push through.

It's fitting that today starts the annual August Break that Susannah Conway started to give photographers and bloggers an opportunity to break away from the pressures of our hypersocial-sensitive minds. Every day she encourages us to take photographs of what we love and blog about it. No pressure, no judgement. And if you're stuck one day, there's a helpful photo prompt list to jumpstart your creativity. I'll be sharing my photographs at the end of every week, and I would love to see what any of you may be sharing.

Below is a free, printable calendar that I created to get you through this last Summer month. Click the image to download!

 photo AugustCalendar_TinaCrespoFreebie.jpg

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Anonymous said...

Fabulous Tina...thanks so much!