Good Morning...

A day ago I saw an influx of 'favorites' from a flickrette, Andrea Despot. This morning, she sends me a quick message telling me she's blogged about me! I quickly typed in her blog(which you can see here.) And oh, the wonderful things she said! Check it out to get the full scoop.
My favorite part about flickr is finding so much inspiration in the world. I'd say flickr alone has gotten me out of some pretty nasty moods, just from all the beauty it holds. It also pushes a photographer or artist to be the best that she can be. I've learned a lot from Antonelli (Art Institute in Philadelphia), but I've learned just as much from wonderful friends on flickr.
Er...don't tell my professors that......

Andrea is a graduate from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, and is based out of southern Virginia. She has really great images on her flickr, I chose to show some of her B&W's because I thought they were really wonderful.

Thanks Andrea!

Andrea's Flickr


New postcard set coming soon!

land camera favorites

It's safe to say I'm pumped for the Polaroid Land Camera to get here. I have an easy week at the studio and a lot of free time to just stroll around and soak up it's glory. Here are a few of my favorites from flickr in the meantime.

Start left to right lancephoto, .Erik., nefotografas, ciel photography

These flickr groups house pretty amazing land camera photos, check them out:


Curtain Calls

What a strange day.


that I cannot wait for:
Mr Lu aka the Polaroid 250 Land Camera that I finally purchased!
to see Piggy today.
new postcards for the harvast season. 
my first cup of coffee this morning.
a fresh new pair of boots.
scarfs, scarfs, scarfs!
being loved and not giving a whoo about nothing :)

What are you most excited for?


Town Above Water

A sinking Spring. Lenni Lenape Indians, of the Wolf tribe were the original people who inhabited the sunken land in this south eastern Pennsylvania land.
With waves of hope, and sometimes less than that, it sinks and swells and courses beneath us. It's visible in the spring, when the water feels thickest at it's coldest. This is my hometown.
Welcome to the town above water.
This is my life, as a photographer discovering herself by going back home. To the beginning, to the start of it all. Even that pesky little spring that sinks.