I've been keeping low key these days...trying to lesson the grip
social networking has on me. It sort of becomes ridiculous when
the first thing I think of in the morning is to check my Facebook &

Damn it! See? I just shamelessly plugged myself.


I love hiding in plain sight. I feel like my camera does me this 
service perfectly. It seriously is a stress reliever after a really 
long day.

Do you have Easter plans? What's for dinner? Does the Easter
Bunny freak you out? He seriously is the scariest thing.

Happy Easter weekend!


{...a place for twiggs}

Hello, hello!
I am in the middle of a very intense pretzel shoot (oh my) but
wanted to stop in quickly to thank Twiggs for interviewing
me about my fine art shops. 

If you've got a moment check it out on her blog and stay
tuned for more great shop owner interviews!


Nothing is better than a dog.
Seriously. No, for real.

---meet Chester on Facebook