"...he's learn to disguise his thoughts, of course, his strategies, plans and fantasies. but not his feelings. he doesn't know this, however, because whenever he looks at himself in a mirror, he seems to have no feelings whatsoever. he wonders what he really looks like. photographs can't tell him- he looks into a camera lens the same way he looks into a mirror, as if he were an actor portraying a corpse. if  he truly were an actor and could portray a living man, then perhaps he would know what he looks like."
-excerpt from continental drift-

it's no secret that i miss the beach like some estranged lover...


Hello Friends!
It's been one hell of a week here, and I know I promised some news
so here it is, all crammed into one giant post!

I've added 3 new photographs to the shop.
Recognize any? Two prints  were saved from that disastrous mishap that happened couple months ago, 
as well a brand new one!


YOU CHOOSE section added to the shop as well!


New photographs are being juried right now for a gallery spot
at a local artist venue. I'll know more about that in the next month.
More on that soon, too!


Ok. Whew. I think that's it! 
Are you tired? I'm tired now...
How are all of you doing? I feel like I haven't been to all
my favorite blogs in YEARS! I promise to catch up!

The studio is super busy this week (even with the snow looming), and
I've been dedicated to Tony Horton daily. It's sad, I see him more than Mike
these days...
Also, decided to teach myself piano. 
I already started some bad habits, like learning to play
favorite songs but notttt exactly learning what the chords are ;)
 I hate my small child-like hands even more.

That's it for now kids! Stay warm, see you soon!


Drum Roll...

And the WINNER is.......

Congratulations, Rhianne!!

Thank you everybody for entering the giveaway! 
It means a great deal to me to have such great followers (and friends)!
I will be adding new prints to etsy & announcing a 
new project
that will be featured in a gallery coming up this week!


It's Friday!
A couple things for ya...

I did an interview for Kara from 
Go over & check that out, I particularly loved the superpower question.
I think you guys will like the interview, check it out!
Thank you, Kara for featuring me!

I plan on seeing Shutter Island this weekend.
I suggest you do too. 

*interior scenes filmed in Jersey's own Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital*

Oh! Have you entered for the 2 free prints (right below this post!) yet?
I suggest you do that, as well.

I will be closing the giveaway tomorrow (Saturday Feb 20th) at 5pm US Eastern.
The winner will be announced (and chosen by random namepicker) SUNDAY morning!

Have the perfect weekend!

-Greystone image by *estatik*


The shop has been opened an entire year!
I couldn't be happier with how things are going & how I'm changing
as a photographer, & an individual. 
To thank all the fans, followers, buyers, & friends
 I wanted to show my appreciation with this giveaway!

 for your comments, excitement, & support!

Enter to win!
Start: (Today!) Feb 15th
End: (Saturday) Feb 20th

Leave a comment (and follow this blog!) with your two favorite, most wanted 8x8 prints from me!


I hope everybody has a great weekend, including (but not limited to) Valentine's Day romances (swoon. gag. barf.)


I borrowed from Leila at Dandelion Daydream, whooooo
got it from Lauren at 'the little things we do..."

1. I am hoping my Valentine's day this year includes anything but shoveling snow

2. My biggest guilty pleasure is really trashy Vh1 "Love" Shows

3. I am most proud of my brother. He is such a terrific Dad.

4. If I could choose one outfit to live in it would be jeans, boots, and white (wife) beater. done.

5. People are kind of smelly

6. I would rather  wash dirty dishes than be tickled

7. I love my car, she's so dirty though :(


The snow really pressed my buttons.
Like, all of them.

Anybody notice that everybody acts differently around large
amounts of weather?
What is it about the wet white stuff that makes us

During the stormy weather I successfully:

 read "Black Fly Season" by Giles Blunt
shoveled my car out of the snow bank...
...4 times.
Drank cups & cups of french pressed coffee.

And revamped my entire website!

It's pretty safe to say you all know about my bad habit of changing
things before they ever feel comfortable.
I promise, this website stays this way for a long time. I really love it!
The gallery is pretty cool, and I love the new fresh images for the homepage.
 I even added a real mini bio (that's HUGE!).

If you get a chance to swing by there, let me know what you think!

Enjoy the rest of your day!


2 Photographs.
2 Different Locations.
1 Perfect Pairing.

PAGODA & THE SEA is now available in the shop.


One of my best friends finally (withhhhh maximum pushing from myself and her boyfriend)
opened her own etsy shop!!
Kaelyn has been my go to girl for UE adventures ever since we lived together
in Manayunk. It's kind of where we both got our start.

....Chasing around old, creepy things.

She has been such a great support to me for my
own work, that when her shop finally, FINALLY opened 
I just had to share it with all of you!
I just know you guys will love her work as much as I do! 

Kaelyn is offering *free shipping* to the US
for her Grand Opening!

Find Kaelyn:
| Flickr | Shop |


Alright, so right now you could be thinking..
"Town above water? Changed template, again?"

The answer being:


Long story short, I'm generally a minimalist and I like things to pop with the least
amount of distraction (bored yet?). So for my own well being, I changed it all!
And I like it. So far. Give me a month, ask me again then.

But! With the change of this new blog and hopefully a longer lease on
our friendship (I kind of think blogger hates me, so I am willing to
bribe it as much as possible.)
I have some really exciting news to share
on Tuesday.
It's pretty, fresh & totally inspiring!


Hope everyone enjoys their Sunday evening! Superbowl, commercials,
lots of food, whatever it may be!



today's details:
over a foot of snow
homemade camera ''SNOW SUIT''
unlimited cups of hot chocolate
spongebob on replay
a snow bunny of a dog
a wild snowbound niece (with an "i'm a big sister!" pin in hand)
a good book.

mmmmmm, and warm, toasty socks.


ohhhhhh, boy.

I love this photograph of me and my brother 
(especially with my mom's smokin' bod reflecting in the window.)

I love my family, and that it keeps on

He finally got his first little boy

Congratulations, big brother!