I wanted to show my appreciation and gratitude to those below who have
given my shop and others a voice in helping Haiti.
Thank you all for the shout out!

honey & the moon

~~~ the shop will be donating 50% to haiti until febuary 8th,
please get your orders in if you want to donate a lil
 cash, mula, green, chedda. whatever ya call it :) ~~~


Today, I am tingling with excitement...

Happy BIRTHDAY my love.
I can't wait to celebrate with you.

Anthony Michael Jr.,
Get your ish together and hurry up,
 I am overwelmingly excited
to meet my first nephew.

We've raised over $200 for HAITI.
THANK YOU to those who purchased
prints from me.
I am still donating 50% of each print.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends.

images above new to the studio


Call on Me

It's Award time over at Lovely Clusters,
where you can nominate and vote for blogs under catagories like design, fashion, handmade, interior design, photography, & wedding.
As well as nominate or vote for your favorite Etsy shops!

Which means you can also nominate and vote for this blog,
town above water, and my etsy shop!

::hint hint:: ::nudge nudge:: 

The winners get some pretty sweet prizes, and I'm really excited to see who all gets nominated.

Head over to The Lovelies now
and please vote for me!

It would totally make my day :)

Voting ends Midnight February 28th


an end is a beginning is an end is a beginning...

Hello Friends!
It's Friday, and I'm exhausted! This week was super busy at the studio, with secret photoshoots and what not (I don't usually share about our studio work, but this is pretty special. Especially since it's for the sweetest place on earth. Once the package for this secret shoot comes out, I can't wait to share it with you!), it's been crazy. 

Thank you so so much for such wonderful comments on the new studio images.
I have to share a little bit of drama that happened prior to that shoot:
A lot of my images from my laptop were deleted.
A lot.

Luckily, some were backed up and I quickly called my boyfriend to help me find a program to retrieve deleted images (since he was the one who ::coughcough:: accidently deleted them.)
Long story short the program found about 2,000 images I have to go through (because it changes the names of deleted images) one by one to find my missing images.
This is pretty bad, and I felt defeated almost. It was my own fault for not backing things up. I have learned yet another lesson in 2010.

Good news:
I have found many of the images.
Instead of sulking, I decided to inspire myself.
The new studio images is a result of that.
And that, equals amazing.

Bad news:
The Berwyn print set is taken down from Etsy. Unfortunately, I only had the one folder of them. I still haven't been able to retrieve those images.
I didn't get to see them printed. I think that hurts my heart a bit, they meant a lot to me.

In the end, I can only keep shooting. Which is exactly what I intend to do...

Have a great weekend everyone!


~new images from the studio.


this is probably the most important thing i coud ever do with my art. please be a part of the solution any way you can!
you can also go here for quick links to organizations that are helping.


Some bright and shiny news to share:
My shop (full of sassy floras, landscapes, and scenes) is now featured through Lovely Clusters.

My favorite thing about the cluster galleries is option to search through by color, or category.
Warmly named "product clusters", you can search for hours through beautiful handmade items & photography that is so dreamy.

Exciting, yes? Yes!

Want to know more about the ladies behind Lovely Clusters?
Check out Vicki's shop | blog | twitter
Browse through Rachel's  shop | blog*lovelyclusters* | flickr


~moments like these are my favorite~


tickets to florida are $158 right now.........
a million (times 20) things to do......
to think about.....
and plan......

it would be nice to fly away.



here they are!
back to berwyn in a print set.

available here

i may be popping in and out of blogger today. a lot of work at home, some hot coffee and charlie boy to keep me company.


here's a little sneak peek...

every package of prints purchased from me, will have one or two of these little guys.
each card will be showcasing a quirky little quotation about myself.
this helps me in 2 ways:
my customers get to know more about me (the funny, non boring stuff).
i get to avoid a full 3-4 paragraphical artist biography.
*at least for a weeeeeee bit longer*

am i starting off the new year with procrastination?


but, i think the fact cards are clever, if i do say so myself.
what say you?


cuddling up with piggles, and devouring some more of ursula hegi's fantastic book!