Ummm sooooo has anybody seen these bags?
So I get to carry my equipment around in pretty Belle instead of that awful backpack that I've been using foreverrrrr? 
Sign me up!!
And check out Epiphaniebags!!



It's officially Spring on the east coast and everybody is buzzin' with ideas of
 late afternoon walks, planting flowers, saying hello to neighbors with a rejuvenated smile and wave. As if we were a clan of bears, hibernating over winter.

I have a few Spring rituals that creep around every time the weather
gets lighter, days get longer, & my bedroom windows are pulled open letting the new air penetrate my world, and lungs.
One of my favorite "It's Spring!" things to do is rewatch HBO's Carnivale series.
It's my absolute favorite series. Ever. 

The simple Good Vs. Evil is more complicated and beautiful than anyone could imagine.
The characters playing out, like old time friends, the scenes that forever change your idea of human beings.
The rules are always changing, and evil takes form like you've never seen. Within the heart of a preacher.

Gah! I love it. It has definitely been my biggest muse when it comes to vintage inspired anything.
And of course, plays a huge part in my Carnival (and Freak) obsession.

I've also been taking Charlie boy on walks.
I'm kind of frustrated there aren't more dog friendly trails here in the Reading area.
We used to walk around Blue Marsh lake (they drain the lake a little in the winter), and discover some pretty cool things in the sand. The whole boots getting stuck in muck gets kind of old after awhile...

What is your absolute favorite thing to do during Spring??

I'm finishing up some prints at the studio, then meeting Mike for lunch and spending the rest of the afternoon together. It's something we can't normally fit into our schedules, so I'm looking forward to our little rendezvous.

Have a great weekend!


.i've gone and joined the circus!.

Shrimp Salad Circus, that is.
I did a very memorable interview with the blog owner, Lindsay. She's hilarious and twisted and I would love to sit and have a couple cocktails with her. (Shrimp....cocktails? Ok. That was lame..)
Please check out the interview!
Oh, and don't forget there's a giveaway involved as well!



In case you were wondering, I was propping most of the day for a shoot tomorrow.
I'm kind of tired of looking at plates right about now...
(Taken with crappy phone. no, I don't have an iPhone. No, I won't get one ::Mike::)
Plus we're having some super wild thunderstorm thing happening, and I definitely don't want to drive home in this weather!
I plan on reading some more of Anthony Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential when I get home, plus a little one on one with Tony Horton (per usual weekday), finishing up an interview, maybe doing laundry. Maybe.

How's your Monday turning out?

Have you checked out the left side bar?
I'm having a BOGO at the shop as well! Please take advantage of me. I mean, it.

.milk & jade.


Available in the shop for $9.00



Another week has flown by! 
It seems I only get to post on Fridays, this is getting ridiculous.

How is everyone doing?
I'm currently eating some oatmeal, about to organize the fabric
containers at the studio, and possibly work on some new prints...

Oh! If  you haven't done so already, head over to 
to enter Erin's giveaway of 1 8x8 print (from myself)!
She's a doll, and so many wonderful people have been entering.

This must be the giveaway season because if you keep a
close eye on Lindsay's blog 
next week we'll be teaming up also....
of course a little giveaway will be held there as well.
Excited? Yeah, me too.
P.S. isn't this the best blog name ever?
Lindsay is funny and super sweet, I highly
recommend checking her out.

It's also time for a new postcard set.
They have arrived.
Fresh, fresh fresh from the printer!!!
I will be showcasing them on Monday!

Well, into the fabric containers I go...
I hope I don't get lost
Or...accidently take a nap....

Have a great weekend!!



Hello, friends! 
I'm here to announce that Erin from Dandelion and Grey has invited me to do a giveaway!
Everyone should know Erin (formerly ThisLovelyCity), she has some of
the sweetest "Lovely Lists" around! 

She also has been on my Tina Crespo photo bandwagon since I started blogging
and I will forever be gracious for her beautiful words & support of my work!

So head on over to her blog
and enter to win:
1 8x8 of your choice (look through the shop and leave
the title in her comments.)
*the winner will also receive a 2010 Calendar*

I'm off to enjoy the sunshine!



today i'd rather be lounging in these wind-blown hammocks in mexico.
...even  if they're really hard to get into after a few mojitos.



Another busy week has come to a close.
The sun has been so good to us east coasters this week,
it's kind of hard to see gray skies and raindrops this morning.
Wicked, wicked games you play Mother Nature.

A lil (belated) update:
One of my photographs was chosen for a poetry book
Seared with InkPortraits of Life in Poetry and Prose.
by Stephen Ferrandi

Stephen worked hard for years gathering poems and prose about
love, nature, and the ins and outs of life itself.
He chose the photograph above for his poem "Vacation Land in Darkness".

I was thrilled to receive my 5 copies a few weeks ago (ok...it maybe have been more than a month.
 I'm horrible at updates.) I kept a copy for myself, and dispersed the rest among family members
who wanted one.
A trail of rumors tell me the book may do a limited run in Barns & Noble,
once I know for sure I'll let everyone know. 
Naturally, I'll be the nerd who poses with it in the poetry isle.
Don't judge me.

I hope everybody has a wonderful weekend!!


"the rain cools the skin, and the sun warms the fingertips.
tapping away the minutes. watching the clock figuring time."
"....if you're headed in the right direction, the sun is to the left. the moutains to your right
and straight ahead is everything you've ever wanted."


don't forget the flowers.

it's Friday, what are your weekend plans?
I plan to:

.fuss over my mother, she's here on vaca.
.play with little tony & miss cayla.
.see the most amazing hippos.
.spend time with the boy.
.and the camera.
.sneak into a bookstore, find a comfy chair 
& read for hours.


I wonder if Mother Nature heard my pleas yesterday.
The sun is shining and it looks beautiful outside.
....I think it's only like 40 degrees though.

But, it's a start!

spring cleanup update:
I've added 2010 Calendar pages.
Individual months are $1.50 each
Summer month set *june, july, & august* is $4.50

My printer sent along 2 extra envelope of pages. I guess incase I lost some?
Not sure, but right now they are just sitting in my basement. In a box. 
And as much as I love my work, I'm not about to hang multiple months up in my house just so these little guys can see the light.
People may perceive the wrong thing...
like craziness.

Oh, won't you give these little wonders a new home?
Anything is better than a box, really.


I have spent alllllll morning going through boxes of prints, and clearing up
getting ready for Spring to come and bless us with 
pretty flower buds
 the soft aroma of fresh grass
laundry swaying in the wind

ahhhhh, i can see & smell it all now.
even though it's lightly snowing outside.
(ehem mother nature, you know it's March right?
.....just checking.)

I'm offering prints, matted prints & mini sets for 
an amazing SPRING CLEAN UP discount over at the shop!

'Why so cheap,' You ask?

Well, some prints are duplicates that I've forgotten about (oops), some are printed on 
a paper that I haven't used in forever and probably won't again anytime soon.

The matted photographs were used in art shows, & flea markets
I've got a LOT, and why not share some of them with you at HALF the cost?

Sounds like a deal to me. 
So stop by and enjoy the clean up!

*I'll be adding more by the day's end, my car is in the shop 
& I can't leave the studio. Perfect timing to get these prints photographed :) *


A quick THANK YOU to everyone
who voted for me in The Lovelies. 

I came in 2nd for 'Art & Photo Shop'

And thanks to Rachel for pulling it all off,
sooo many wonderful shops & blogs were nominated.
I had a lot of fun browsing through them all and finding
new favorites.