I wonder if Mother Nature heard my pleas yesterday.
The sun is shining and it looks beautiful outside.
....I think it's only like 40 degrees though.

But, it's a start!

spring cleanup update:
I've added 2010 Calendar pages.
Individual months are $1.50 each
Summer month set *june, july, & august* is $4.50

My printer sent along 2 extra envelope of pages. I guess incase I lost some?
Not sure, but right now they are just sitting in my basement. In a box. 
And as much as I love my work, I'm not about to hang multiple months up in my house just so these little guys can see the light.
People may perceive the wrong thing...
like craziness.

Oh, won't you give these little wonders a new home?
Anything is better than a box, really.

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Anonymous said...

Awe, I live in Florida and it's still somewhat cold here! I really like your calendars :)