in berwyn - fresh ideas main line market

On a morning when the temperature outside has already reached 85 degrees before 9am, a person can be predisposed to be a grump for the rest of the day. I had decided this was going to be me, but once I left the new Fresh Ideas market (where Mr. Yang's market was on Lancaster Ave, Berwyn) the grumpiness had already lifted itself from my shoulders.

I was greeted by a cheery woman named Ann, who also happens to be the very first person to introduce herself when we moved to Berwyn. I hadn't seen her since, but it was a nice surprise and we caught up while she wrapped delicious desserts. She introduced me to one of the owners, Meridith (from Aneu!) and I asked if I could snap some photographs of the new market. She said of course, and went back into the kitchen (where later she came out with a coconut cake that I could have demolished in one sitting). 

I am now armed with a new camera, and was happy to find myself in such an inspiring space for the first time I really used it.  Following Trill around for 2 days doesn't really count. Right?

I really liked the use of jars, baskets, metal containers, and chalkboards. They also have high tables with tall stools to sit and drink coffee (or eat that damn coconut cake). Prepared foods are offered, as well as, deli assortments. It's a drastic change from Yang's market, but the transformation has obviously been done with a lot of thought. Yang, from what Ann told me, is still at Fresh Ideas, gathering all their produce. 

If you're in the Berwyn area, I recommend stopping in to grab a cup of coffee or a delicious croissant. I bought one, man it was delicious!

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