Milk Chocolate Pistachio Tart

Enter, the green monster. The most delicious, creamy, yummy chocolate tart ever.

Original Recipe

To keep it "I'm counting calories and...you want me to eat that?" friendly, I used half and half instead of heavy cream, a Splenda/Sugar blend instead of sugar, and 2% milk instead of whole milk for the chocolately ganache on top. It cut the calories nearly in half, and dropped the fat grams by 10.
Time Consuming? Yes, it literally took me all day (damn you unshelled pistachios...).
Worth it? Absolutely
I think my family and friends consumed it in less than 24 hours.
Poof! Gone.

Props: milk jar 10¢
antique silverware 25¢ each
 tart pan 50¢
napkins, plate, old cutting boards all on hand.
There's a sweet little used furniture store where the employees know me by name. I stop by nearly every day after work looking for finds, and this place has some seriously good stuff. I'm planning on buying most of the furniture, kitchen supplies, and other fun things there when the time is right.
Don't ask me the store's name because I'd never tell...
Unless you're from out of state and just visiting, then maybe I'll take you there.


What takes up about 11 hours of my day, every single day of the week?


For the better part of my day, I am in the studio working with food stylists, prop stylists, and of course the ever talented Maggie (aka Maggle). It's a second home to me, a place where I feel comfortable and happy.
I'm surrounded by some pretty creative individuals, and I count myself as being very lucky. 

It only feels right to share something that is such a huge part of my life, with you.

Here's what I'd like to do:
 A few posts a month will be dedicated to my love of food photography.
Mostly it'll be me trying out new recipes and photographing them in my makeshift studio (aka the back garage).

How does that sound?
Hopefully good, because I already baked and shot a pretty delicious recipe yesterday :)

Here I thought I was over blogging.
Looks like I just needed to put a little bit more of me into it.

Have a great day - T


The $15 dollar table

The story begins like this:
So what if your legs are wobbly, you're $15 dollars and coming home with me!
I love DIY projects. I'm a complete thrifter at heart, and the idea of turning ordinary/old/banged up things into lovable pieces for my home makes it even better.
 Not entirely sure that DIY love me back, though...
I tend to be pretty impatient, and rush through projects like a frantic mess.
That may have something to do with my left brain-ness or because I'm a Gemini.
Never the less, I'm inspired every single day by people like Holly, Sherry & John, & pretty much anything on DesignSponge. Plus many, many other great blogs. 
Mike and I have started our search for ::gasp: our first apartment together. We're very excited to take this next step in our relationship, and yeah I can't help but be giddy about decorating our space. So, I'm getting a little head start on some things. Like giving second chances to used and battered furniture!

I'm pretty proud of this little guy.
And yes, I fixed his wobbly legs.

Before & After

I did some distressing, and I absolutely love the deep magazine tray on top. I may mod podge some pretty paper inside, to give it some color and make it a more durable in case drinks are set down on it, or flower vases are knocked over by kitties.
What kind of paper would you recommend? What about the color, style?


I've got a yummy green monster to take on today.
More on that later....


Terrain: the obsession continues...

::I was very inspired by this beautiful tablescape!::

I'm cutting out early this week, with Maggie headed to Paris there's a little downtime at the studio.
Downtime as in shooting, because I will be cleaning out every room we've got, and reorganizing.
Which, the nerd in me, freaking loves.

I also hope to finish up a little magazine table project I started, and take a desperately needed trip to the bookstore for coffee and relaxation.

Enjoy your day, folks!


Art Star Craft Bazaar

This weekend was all about the artsy fartsy crafty stuff.
Of course, I needed to go and begged Mike to come along.
I found a flickr pool of past events, and ohhhhhh my god it got me all excited for our little trip into the city.
It was really amazing, and we had such great weather! All the vendors were super cool and loved chatting it up. Oh! The food was great too, Mike kept going on and on about the vegan chocolate chip cookies. He was on a roll, and very loud about it too.
 I found out that JAY McCARROLL (Winner of Project Runway season 1) was going to have his booth selling The Colony at the bizaar. He is so fabulous in person (like you had any doubts...), and was selling really fun items.
I couldn't leave without purchasing his Crack Rabbit Tote, as well as a couple other items(see below).
Here are a few pictures from that day.


Mason Jar Dishtowel Open Eyes Press
Overly Vulgar Mini Cards Misanthrope Specialty Company

Mike got this JAWN shirt from Secret Lovers
Yeah, he's a picture ruiner like myself. Probably why I like him.

Here are a few other shops that blew my mind:
It was a pretty wonderful weekend, all up until the shooting pain started in my left hip and leg. I'm thinking it's my sciatic nerve, definitely the wrong time to have an injury.
It's the last week of P90X, and of course I go and hurt myself!

How was everyone's weekend?



This Saturday, my little Muse turns five!
Wow, that makes me feel like an old Aunt...

I know she will be asking for lots of Barbies, maybe another go- kart (eh hem, to replace the one she broke while taking the turns too hard. Just like her Daddy.), and most likely, her Nannie.

Happy Birthday Miss Cayla!
Love, Te-Te

Have a great weekend, everyone!


unmentionables - olga vayner

It absolutely astounds me that some of the most beautiful, creative, thought provoking photography could have such few comments in our lovely world of flickr. Sometimes what is safe and cute may be popular.
But can also be boring...
I sincerely doubt you will find Olga Vayner's photography a yawn fest.

The depths of color (or rather, tones in the black and whites) are to die for.
The styling of each photograph is perfection, each piece is monumental.

I urge you to travel to Olga's Flickr Stream and leave this phenomenal photographer some comments.
You won't be disappointed. 


Saturday's Diptych

I'll give you enough time to regain your composure,
to reconstruct a heart that's torn apart  from overexposure.


remember to breathe

flower junkie.

really relaxing weekend.
here comes another stressful week, so i thought i'd post some photos (yes, from Terrain again. I am obsessed!) that brought on some calming vibes.
can ya dig it?