The $15 dollar table

The story begins like this:
So what if your legs are wobbly, you're $15 dollars and coming home with me!
I love DIY projects. I'm a complete thrifter at heart, and the idea of turning ordinary/old/banged up things into lovable pieces for my home makes it even better.
 Not entirely sure that DIY love me back, though...
I tend to be pretty impatient, and rush through projects like a frantic mess.
That may have something to do with my left brain-ness or because I'm a Gemini.
Never the less, I'm inspired every single day by people like Holly, Sherry & John, & pretty much anything on DesignSponge. Plus many, many other great blogs. 
Mike and I have started our search for ::gasp: our first apartment together. We're very excited to take this next step in our relationship, and yeah I can't help but be giddy about decorating our space. So, I'm getting a little head start on some things. Like giving second chances to used and battered furniture!

I'm pretty proud of this little guy.
And yes, I fixed his wobbly legs.

Before & After

I did some distressing, and I absolutely love the deep magazine tray on top. I may mod podge some pretty paper inside, to give it some color and make it a more durable in case drinks are set down on it, or flower vases are knocked over by kitties.
What kind of paper would you recommend? What about the color, style?


I've got a yummy green monster to take on today.
More on that later....


andrea said...

i love everything about this! you did such a great job! good luck on your apartment search together, i know you're really excited about that :)

i have to admit that i'm more than a bit jealous, i wish my boyfriend and i lived in the same state so we can get an apartment together. i'm not going to lie though, i've already bought stuff in preparation for whenever that happens... :P

have a great weekend! and thanks for the bday wishes :)

Krystal said...

i am very impressed and jealous of your ability! :)

Dandelion and Grey said...

Um WOW!! You did such an incredible job! Bravo on the distressing..looks totally profesh!

That is exciting that you two lovebirds are moving in together! It will be so fun to decorate your new place!

beth said...

You did a nice job on your table. I love the color too! Kind regards,