Drink Up

What a long, beautiful, and eventful weekend. My childhood friend is now married. His bride was gorgeous, and the wedding was so insanely beautiful. It couldn't have been a more perfect day. Especially those extra strong Hurricanes we drank long into the night. I have not had a hangover like that in a seriously long time.

One down, two more weddings to go! One bride to be is my good friend Kaelyn Michaels, who is a photographer, and you should visit her shop to see her gorgeous work.

I'm working from home today, thought I'd share this photograph pair (which is presently a contender for my mini food portfolio). It's obvious I have a thing for fruit in my drinks. See other fruit in drinks here.

This is kind of different, and maybe better. Fresh raspberries in a Woodchuck's Hard Cider. Ummmm, yes please. With some pistachios to munch on. I can sit on the porch all evening, drinking these &  popping nuts in my mouth. What- Ok. Obviously that was....not at all how I meant to say that. Whatever. I'm not deleting it.

I'm also reading Tim Gunn's Gunn's Golden Rules: Life's Little Lessons for Making It Work. It's hilarious, insightful and the overall lesson is just to be nice to people. Have manners, for crap's sake.

I may swear, more than I should, I know this, but I do believe in having a decent set of manners. I open doors for people (no, not only men need to do this), I say hello to anyone who makes eye contact with me, and overall I am nice to my waiters and tip them generously. It feels good to be nice to strangers, and especially when it seems everyone is in such a freaking hurry and kind of mean this type of behavior is unexpected.

I hope you don't read that last paragraph and picture me wagging a finger, because I'm not. I swear. It's always a good thing to want to better yourself. Being nice to others (animals, too) is a good place to start.

This week I am dog/house sitting. You guys know Chester, right? Just me and him all week, it's going to be glorious!



Sometimes I really wish I lived on an island. Something smallish, with a community of easy going, easy talking people who don't feel the need to rush through their days & drive like maniacs on the road. I'd have a garden, definitely some fruit trees and loads of books (shipped from Amazon, no doubt).
This photograph pretty much sums up that entire feeling of solitude. But in a really, really good way.

By nature, I am a solitary person. It may have something to do with the dueling aspects of being a Gemini. The whole two personality thing could have different meanings, and in my case it can be applied to my moods which then affects whether or not I want to be bothered by anyone. I don't think this is necessarily a bad thing, but it can be misconstrued as such. It's really not that weird to be alone, and enjoy it. I can entertain myself pretty easily, and it must have been a skill I picked up as a kid. I really like driving around by myself, and I really like seeing moves alone, too.

I think a lot of photographers, especially those who enjoy landscapes, can relate to the I'm all by myself, and it's awesome! feeling you get when it's just a landscape or scene, you, and your camera. We (the loners) have a companion that travels with us in silence and that's totally fine.

But admittedly, this feeling doesn't really apply when checking out abandoned buildings. I'm a serious pain in the ass about the whole thing, and there are even rules about staying in small groups when exploring a new floor. It's a safety thing, and more importantly I do not want to come up on a 100 year old crazy spirit by myself.

This past weekend my birthday was celebrated with friends on the beach, and I've got the ocean and sky on my mind today. Is it obvious? 

the island - photograph available in the shop
mexican holiday - new print set
the sea life - etsy treasury


Scones to Die for

I'm back with an impromptu foodie post! Did you miss me? I'll be honest, I've been lurking around the blogs like a ghost. Have you felt that prickle on the back of your neck while updating a post? Probably me. But it feels good to stay connected with all your wonderful blogs. I've received great support for the I hate blogging, I'm taking a break break, and like with anything, sometimes too much isn't a good thing.

It's been ungodly hot in Philadelphia. It makes me ridiculously sluggish, and I only come out of the coolest room in the apartment to either eat, sleep, or watch Netflix. It's terrible to work out in, and I don't even want to talk about cooking. Our kitchen is south facing, and small. It feels like what I'd imagine the inside of pizza box would feel like. Sticky & steamy. Gross.

I promise to only complain a few times about the heat this summer. Maybe. No, I'm probably lying.


I did happen to make some wonderful scones, and they literally are the best ones I've ever eaten. It's a mixup of a sweet & savory all wrapped up in a buttermilky goodness.
So here we go with the recipe, feel free to switch out dried fruit of your liking, or whatever flavor dried meat (or bacon) you might find to be delicious.

Scones to Die for
1 box plain scone mix
1 stick unsalted butter, chilled & cubed
20 dried apricots, cut into small pieces - about one cup
6 ounces cooked maple favored bacon, cut into pieces
2 tablespoons fresh thyme, chopped
1 cup buttermilk, chilled

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Make sure a cooking rack is in the center of the oven. Spray a baking sheet with non stick cooking spray. Set aside.

In large bowl, combine scone mix and butter. It's easier if you have a food processor, if not you can surely use a beater or good ol' fashioned arm power! The mixture should be coarse and bumpy. Add cut pieces of apricots, bacon, and thyme. Stir. Add the buttermilk and mix until a sticky dough forms.

Place about 1/3 cupfuls of the dough onto prepared baking sheet (if you like a more casual looking scone). Bake until the tops start to brown slightly, about 16-18 minutes.

Place on cooling rack for about 20 minutes.

I fed these babies to my landlords (initially to butter them up before I asked to paint the dining room walls dark grey...which I chickened out of.) and they were talking about them for a week! I also got an email from my brother asking to overnight him a scone package. So, major party pleaser.

It's Friday, and this weekend's forecast is scattered thunderstorms. I'm super pumped about that, and fully intend on watching the clouds roll in while reading Harry Potter.

A great weekend to you all!