I'm still getting used to this area, and for whatever reason I still talk about Berwyn as if I have doubts.
The truth is, I've been having one amazing experience after another. I've met a few neighbors who enthusiastically talked about food and art with me, and one in particular....shared her life story. I think if I walked away she still would have kept talking, but the point is everyone seems so open and nice. Not at all what I expected moving to the Main Line (the stuffy, I drive expensive cars so I'll cut you off and spend $45.00 on a sandwich type o folks).
Before I moved here, I guess I thought I'd have to be around that certain type of person all the time. Funny thing is, I'm finding these great little nooks all throughout town that are starting to light sparks of love for Berwyn. 
Our neighborhood feels like a beach community, which is so fun. Everybody is outside their fences either chatting or walking their dogs (I've met quite a bunch of those, Marshmallow sticks out the most). It's very relaxing and I can feel myself slowly settling in. I still have rising bursts of anxiety, but it's fading away.

We needed house plants.
So I finally stopped by Flowers by Priscilla off Lancaster Ave and see what this funky little shop was all about.
Let me tell you, do not be fooled by the prim and proper website. Priscilla is a fast-talking, quick-moving, straight to the point woman who made an impression on me almost immediately.

I hadn't even look at a single plant, but I knew I'd leave buying something from this magical place.
Picture this:
If a mad chemist had a wife who adored flora and fauna, glass bottles and do-dads so much she opened a little shop. That would be Priscilla. 

We talked and she asked my name.
"Tina? Oh! Do you know the song Tina the Ballerina?" and quickly disappeared into the back, behind some flowers to find the song on youtube.
It was a whirlwind for the 15 minutes I was there, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Exactly what I needed this afternoon.

I bought this little guy for our bathroom, as well as these dried seedy things that I have no idea what they are. Any idea?

She never did find that song....


I think I'm finally getting back into the groove of things now that we're a tiny (and I mean..super tiny) bit settled in our new home. I realized a very important fact about Mike & myself.
We're hoarders.
Not the trash keeping, paper clip collecting, strapping ourselves to chairs so we don't fall in the muck on the floor, kind of hoarders.
I guess more along the lines of pack rats.
A lot of stuff, no where to go with it. We're working on it, though.

I'm not completely ready to feature whole rooms at once (because I've strategically not shown the towering boxes in any of these photos), so here are some mini scenes from our new place at Bridge, Berwyn.
I apologize for small images, I didn't want a long row of single images :/

taken with FXCam on Motorola Backflip