Happy Weekend

I finally have made it into the studio! A whole week is gone, all shoots cancelled.
At least my apartment is super clean.

My gorgeous older sister has returned to her roots for a long stay. She has been a
Cali Girl her whole life, and I've always looked up to her. She can sing, is incredibly
smart, and has a warm heart. This will be our first time spending more than a week
or two together. I haven't seen her since....2003? Damn, that was so long ago now...
 I'm looking forward to getting to know her all over again.

Here's to sisterly love:

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show your bones

well, trouble at home, travel the way you say :: the road don't like me
:: travel away, travel it all away :: the road's gonna end on me ::


Snow all around me today, and they say it won't stop for hours.


With Darkness, Comes Light created this morning.


Snowed In - Friday

It snowed again last night, and I woke up to a dreamy winter wonderland.
I can't complain, I actally like shoveling and taking my time on the back
roads. I think I may be the only one in the Philadelphia region, though.

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No photographs to share from the weekend. It was kind of an awkward weekend,
to say the least. I finally finished Jane Eyre, and I miss her already.

Do you ever wish some fictional characters were real? Do you miss them after a book
is finished? After I read The Story of Edgar Sawtelle I missed the
dogs in the book so much. They became my little family of misfits and heroes in my head.


I've got a lot of printing to do today, so I better get moving.
Have a fantastic weekend!



I found this list from the when Tina was a kid box,
 and evidently most things haven't changed. All
these things still creep me out.

5 Things That Give Me The Creeps
1. Vacuum Cleaner stores. A whole
store for vacuum cleaners? Really?
2. Small/stashed away motels
advertising COLOR TV.
3. Other people's feet.
4. Carnival Mirror Rooms. Are
you trying to give me a
heart attack at a young age?
5.  Ectoplasm (yet, it's still intriguing)

It's a Jersey weekend (no, not the jersey shore)!
We're leaving shortly (and leaving Trill alone for
the night. I hope she behaves herself and stays off
of the shower curtain), and I'm armed with my

Have a great weekend!


collecting, obsessively

I have an obsession for bottles. 
They've finally found a home in our dining room,
atop the bookcase. 

It's starting to feel like we're making a home here in Berwyn.
I like living with a graphic designer. We have a lot of design
ideas in common. It's fun to bounce ideas off him and see what
we can create together. Boys aren't so bad, I guess.


London Theatre, anyone?

$17 vintage linen from JenniesJunque + mad sewing skills =


I am so in love with this pillow! (oh, please excuse the horrible sofa, which we've covered with a blanket. We are getting a brand new sofa in just a couple weeks! I won't be so ashamed of our way too shabby to be chic living room anymore.) I had an old 15x27 pillow with a kind of crappy, brown zebra cover that sat squished between our bed and a side table. Since the dying zebra cover came off easily,
I knew I could find something to to help fix it up and put the new sewing machine to use.

This linen measured 31''x21''. It was a tad short width wise so I added extra linen (with a decorative stitch) to fill it out.

I also have been trying my hand at puckering designs for pillow fronts. Martha Stewart shows a small,
yet not-so-detailed description of how to accomplish this look in Encyclopedia of Sewing & Fabric
It always seems that her directions are shady and somehow hit or miss. What's the deal, Martha?

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Happy Friday

Hello, 2011! Nice to finally meet you.

This week has been especially busy for me. Shooting a catalog before the Chinese New Year
 is stressful. It makes me cranky, and hungry. Coffee helps, and we always have find something humorous to laugh about. There was a lot of loud singing this week at the studio. I think we also did 
our best Fire Marshall Bill impersonations, too. 

I found little time and energy to do much of anything in the evenings, besides watch American Pickers on Netflix and of course escape into Pinterest. It's one of my favorite places to go for inspiration right now. Everything is right at your fingertips!

Here are a few things I've made favorites this week:

I'm also reading Jane Eyre. It's scary! Is it supposed to be? How did I come across this 
book so late in the game? It intrigues me to no end, I hope to finish it tonight.

No real plans for this weekend which is a relief. There's a lot of work to be done at home
and it seems I never get a chance to finish projects once I've started them. I make lists
....and then I lose them. The winter slum has officially hit me. It's too damn cold to
sand furniture outside. Get real. 

Does anybody have a go to winter project that will keep you busy and your mind from going
into a deep freeze? I'd love to know what they are!