I found this list from the when Tina was a kid box,
 and evidently most things haven't changed. All
these things still creep me out.

5 Things That Give Me The Creeps
1. Vacuum Cleaner stores. A whole
store for vacuum cleaners? Really?
2. Small/stashed away motels
advertising COLOR TV.
3. Other people's feet.
4. Carnival Mirror Rooms. Are
you trying to give me a
heart attack at a young age?
5.  Ectoplasm (yet, it's still intriguing)

It's a Jersey weekend (no, not the jersey shore)!
We're leaving shortly (and leaving Trill alone for
the night. I hope she behaves herself and stays off
of the shower curtain), and I'm armed with my

Have a great weekend!


Tali Schiffer said...

Haha, I am so with you on the Vacuum store, other people's feet, and of course the small/stashed away motels... I actually had to stay in one of those once all by myself, cause there was just no other option, and I seriously barely slept all night!

andrea despot said...

haha, i think i agree with you on the vacuum store thing. they really ARE rather strange... and yes ectoplasm (and all other things strange and ghostly and paranormal) give me the creeps, yet i still find them interesting.

okay, i actually just googled "ectoplasm" and what the heck is that?! i'm now kinda freaked out! and confused. i would click on one of the pictures and read/see more but i know it would scare me and i'd be paranoid for the next few days...

tali - i just read your comment about staying in a motel room all by yourself! ugh, that's so creepy!

Tina Crespo said...

i think i'm more worried about ghosts in motel rooms. but in reality, i should be afraid of the sheets!

kaelyn said...

the vacuums, LOL!!

Natasha said...

Ha, great list ;) I agree with all of the above too! Have a great weekend in Jersey, looking forward to seeing your photos.

SAMI. said...

i feel the same way-- i just finished norwegian wood and i miss the characters already, even though they were strange!


And Kathleen said...

We have the creepiest old Hoover Vacuum Cleaner REPAIR store in OKC. A whole store dedicated to repairing vacuum cleaners!? I guess it speaks to a time when *things* weren't quite so disposable and replaceable.