Happy Halloween!

Have a frightfully safe Halloween!


oh, Summer.
I am in denial that you are gone.

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Cloud Study

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the cat lady

i could be that woman. easily.
here are a few of my favorite feline shots from flickr.

[untitled- oops*]
[happy furry friday- *louise**]

[untitled- hello hiroki]

[ same window- elenanetea]
[miss cleo- tina crespo]

My baby cleo was adopted from Lancaster County Humane Society. She was with me for almost nine months before she took a turn for the worse, with kidney failure. I've never had to let go of a animal as an adult. It's much different than being a child. I didn't think of 'kitty' heaven and all the turkey slices she would be eating with other kitties. I thought about how small she was. Just a baby. I thought about how lucky it was that I found her. Or rather, that she found me. I'm happy to have some beautiful photographs, like this one, of her.

**side note- this weekend was meant to be land camera fun. but with a crapped out battery i hastily order new ones from B&H. land camera fun has been postponed to next weekend =(  


Freakish Favs

I love strange things. Really. I'm enthralled by ghost encounters, carnival sideshows, otherworldly coincidences, and terrifying "true" stories!

I've compiled a list of all things strange and freakish, enjoy!

Duirwaigh is a fantastic duo consisting of Angi & Silas, a husband-w
ife team creating out of New Mexico. This poster "God Bless The Freaks" is insane. It was also featured in the Fall issue of Digital Studio (available at Barns & Noble).

The movie Freaks (1932) was an instant favorite for me! A little bit of betrayal at the carnival. Rejected and banned in many countries, it highlights the 'sideshow freak' using true members of the Barnum and Bailey freak show of the 20s and 30s. Though the director's intentions were good it had mixed effects on the 'sideshow' community.

I know this is the 3rd one on the list carnival related, but if you want to read a truly disturbing tale, GEEK LOVE is for you! Ever read a book that just stays with you? And all the books you read for the next 6 months can't even compare? Yeah. Geek Love is that book.

Lambertville High School is one of those places that just. ain't. right. 
In my hardcore (laughs) UE days, this was my very first destination. Anndddd to this day, it's the only place I've never stepped foot into. I've been there a total of 4 times.

Erected in 1854, it was destroyed not once but twice by fires finally being shut down in 1992. "Weird NJ" magazine and books have it well covered as a haunted destination, even concluding that you can hear train whistles in the basement; as well as spooky child drawings on the chalkboards. All I know is that in the dead of summer,  freezing air poured out of this structure. My friend Kaelyn who is terrified by bees came apon a swarm of these buggers  close to December.  Weird? IIIIIIIII think so.

The astonishing Vincent Price. 'Nuff said.

The Collyer Brothers were some serious hoarders. Living in 1940s Manhattan, they collected (and compiled in their Harlem Brownstone home, that consisted of many booby traps to protect themselves from invasion) so many different, odd things. Such as 25,000 books, may glass chandeliers, 14 pianos, countless newspapers, human organs pickled in jars, 8 (live) cats, bowling balls, potato peelers and sooo much more. If you thought your spring cleaning was tough. Whew!

I love these things! Surely, not afraid to admit it =)
Does anybody else have any strange and freaky favs?


I'm excited to announce two new note cards have been added to the shop!

"when i die, i'll be fine. cause i know you'll be there. you are home."


hold it together

I need to take a minute. Breathe. Remind myself that everything is going to be okay.

I also need to give a little bit of thanks.

I am ever so, undyingly thankful for Michael Andrew Hrebin. He's my best friend, my partner in crime, the love of my life. Without him, this entire week would be so earth shattering. He continues to amaze me, and despite all my craziness, loves me to pieces. 

I have to thank Rift Raft for being hilarious and always listening to me. I love that I can talk in movie quotes and she understands what I'm saying. True friend! :)

Thank you to Kaelyn (as well as Mike, Reagan, and Finn) for being a foster mother to Piggy. I know she will have fun lounging in those large 150 year old window sills, and be loved while doing so. I hope she stops hissing at your cats soon....

I'm also thankful for red rice and beans, hot showers, amazing down comforters, COFFEE, hoodies,and paramore's new album (i needed to sing real loud all week).

Dear cameras,
I promise to come back real soon. I know I've left without reason, but I swear it wasn't you. It was me. Let's hang out this weekend? My treat.



The (Un)sinkable Ship

If you've read the first fact about me in "Honest Scrap" then you know I have a weird connection to the Titanic. But beyond the crazy "I know this ship!" garbo that I can spew about, let me tell you about the exhibit that myself and 2 friends ventured to in New York City.
It. was. amazing.
The amount of artifacts that were preserved and showcased took my breath away. There was also an audio tour that guided you through (extra $5 of course), and a lot of tragic, ironic, and famous quotes from some of the passengers aboard RMS Titanic. 
I wasn't expecting a recreation of actual rooms and when we walked through the corridor of the 3rd class, it literally felt like a time machine. The first class suites were perfectly recreated, as was the jaw dropping grand staircase.
Oh. No photography was allowed, either. I understood, but I wasn't thrilled about that. Coming into the Grand staircase room, I needed a photo! Unfortunately, I knew there was a young security guard with watchful eyes walking around. I could probably get him in a RNC, but....that would mean causing a scene.
Anywho- if you are a Titanic fanatic, try to check this out. It runs through the end of December, and then who knows when it will be back.

Oh, here's my dumb face.

P.S. the red owl tote is from etsy shop VonderBerry

"make me new again. so that i can be clear and conscious."

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Honestly, how scrappy are you?

Erin @ ThisLovelyCity has tagged me with the Honest Scrap award! ::deep breath:: You are supposed to type out 10 honest things about yourself, and since I am sorta new to all this it's kinda a good thing it happened!

I actually think I was on board the Titanic in a past life......seriously.

For four months of being unemployed I scoured the tri-county region for abandoned and dilapidated buildings. That includes high schools, mental hospitals, and homes.

It's an annoying habit but, I tend to correct people a lot. It's horrible! Of course in my mind I'm telling myself to shut up, but my mouth just keeps going. ::sigh:: That's a biggie, and I need to work on it.

I don't know where I'd be without afternoon naps.

I've written maybe 5 or 6 songs......that nobody will ever hear.

I become really OCD when driving. If the gas station is East, but all my other errands are West I become conflicted.

My 4 year old niece Cayla is one of my biggest inspirations in life. Her presence alone has gotten me through some tough times. Love ya, monkey :)

I wish I wore more heeled shoes. But my flat feet just can't handle them.

Sometimes I have a hard time understanding people my own age, I can relate better to the 30-50 crowd (and maybe even the 80 year olds :D)

It's absolutely necessary that I get to Thailand in my lifetime. I just might not come back, either.

Ok! Soooo I'm tagging


keep your feet on the ground
when your head's in the clouds.

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Zombie Outbreak

It's close to midnight and something evil's lurking in the dark...
Under the moonlight, you see a sight that almost stops your heart.

You try to scream but terror takes the sound before you make it
You start to freeze as horror looks you right between the eyes.
You're paralyzed...

Whoever thought about releasing 1,000 zombies onto the boardwalks of Asbury Park, NJ is a genius! The city-wide pandemic is documented all over Flickr and you can find out more gruesome details (or entrails?) at Asburied Park Press

Photo Cred: My dad and his P-A-S


October is my favorite month. It even beats my birthday month. That's huge.
So here's to October, with all the ghouls and goblins, tricks or treats, homemade costumes and hot apple cider, hayrides and scary haunted houses, martha stewart ghosty cake recipes, and zombie movies galore.

Both prints are available in the shop

Jon Carling- drawings that make me want to buy a house, and fill it up with his work.

...and also makes me write insanely long titles.
Jon's intricate pen work is seriously serious. From untamed dinosaurs to an obviously envied flying rabbit, his work is powerful and simple. His art is printed on super heavy double sided card stock, which is the perfect texture and color for his drawings.
I'm always on the look out for amazing finds on Etsy. I love that you are buying one of a kind (and affordable) art from amazing people, like Jon.
If you haven't checked him out on Etsy, I urge that you do so.

Drawings by Jon Carling