The (Un)sinkable Ship

If you've read the first fact about me in "Honest Scrap" then you know I have a weird connection to the Titanic. But beyond the crazy "I know this ship!" garbo that I can spew about, let me tell you about the exhibit that myself and 2 friends ventured to in New York City.
It. was. amazing.
The amount of artifacts that were preserved and showcased took my breath away. There was also an audio tour that guided you through (extra $5 of course), and a lot of tragic, ironic, and famous quotes from some of the passengers aboard RMS Titanic. 
I wasn't expecting a recreation of actual rooms and when we walked through the corridor of the 3rd class, it literally felt like a time machine. The first class suites were perfectly recreated, as was the jaw dropping grand staircase.
Oh. No photography was allowed, either. I understood, but I wasn't thrilled about that. Coming into the Grand staircase room, I needed a photo! Unfortunately, I knew there was a young security guard with watchful eyes walking around. I could probably get him in a RNC, but....that would mean causing a scene.
Anywho- if you are a Titanic fanatic, try to check this out. It runs through the end of December, and then who knows when it will be back.

Oh, here's my dumb face.

P.S. the red owl tote is from etsy shop VonderBerry

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