hold it together

I need to take a minute. Breathe. Remind myself that everything is going to be okay.

I also need to give a little bit of thanks.

I am ever so, undyingly thankful for Michael Andrew Hrebin. He's my best friend, my partner in crime, the love of my life. Without him, this entire week would be so earth shattering. He continues to amaze me, and despite all my craziness, loves me to pieces. 

I have to thank Rift Raft for being hilarious and always listening to me. I love that I can talk in movie quotes and she understands what I'm saying. True friend! :)

Thank you to Kaelyn (as well as Mike, Reagan, and Finn) for being a foster mother to Piggy. I know she will have fun lounging in those large 150 year old window sills, and be loved while doing so. I hope she stops hissing at your cats soon....

I'm also thankful for red rice and beans, hot showers, amazing down comforters, COFFEE, hoodies,and paramore's new album (i needed to sing real loud all week).

Dear cameras,
I promise to come back real soon. I know I've left without reason, but I swear it wasn't you. It was me. Let's hang out this weekend? My treat.