the cat lady

i could be that woman. easily.
here are a few of my favorite feline shots from flickr.

[untitled- oops*]
[happy furry friday- *louise**]

[untitled- hello hiroki]

[ same window- elenanetea]
[miss cleo- tina crespo]

My baby cleo was adopted from Lancaster County Humane Society. She was with me for almost nine months before she took a turn for the worse, with kidney failure. I've never had to let go of a animal as an adult. It's much different than being a child. I didn't think of 'kitty' heaven and all the turkey slices she would be eating with other kitties. I thought about how small she was. Just a baby. I thought about how lucky it was that I found her. Or rather, that she found me. I'm happy to have some beautiful photographs, like this one, of her.

**side note- this weekend was meant to be land camera fun. but with a crapped out battery i hastily order new ones from B&H. land camera fun has been postponed to next weekend =(  


Unknown said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. Thank goodness for beautiful photos that can really capture the spirit of our beloved pets!

Enjoy your weekend. xo.

Geisslein said...

love these cat pictures!!! have a lovely day today!