Freakish Favs

I love strange things. Really. I'm enthralled by ghost encounters, carnival sideshows, otherworldly coincidences, and terrifying "true" stories!

I've compiled a list of all things strange and freakish, enjoy!

Duirwaigh is a fantastic duo consisting of Angi & Silas, a husband-w
ife team creating out of New Mexico. This poster "God Bless The Freaks" is insane. It was also featured in the Fall issue of Digital Studio (available at Barns & Noble).

The movie Freaks (1932) was an instant favorite for me! A little bit of betrayal at the carnival. Rejected and banned in many countries, it highlights the 'sideshow freak' using true members of the Barnum and Bailey freak show of the 20s and 30s. Though the director's intentions were good it had mixed effects on the 'sideshow' community.

I know this is the 3rd one on the list carnival related, but if you want to read a truly disturbing tale, GEEK LOVE is for you! Ever read a book that just stays with you? And all the books you read for the next 6 months can't even compare? Yeah. Geek Love is that book.

Lambertville High School is one of those places that just. ain't. right. 
In my hardcore (laughs) UE days, this was my very first destination. Anndddd to this day, it's the only place I've never stepped foot into. I've been there a total of 4 times.

Erected in 1854, it was destroyed not once but twice by fires finally being shut down in 1992. "Weird NJ" magazine and books have it well covered as a haunted destination, even concluding that you can hear train whistles in the basement; as well as spooky child drawings on the chalkboards. All I know is that in the dead of summer,  freezing air poured out of this structure. My friend Kaelyn who is terrified by bees came apon a swarm of these buggers  close to December.  Weird? IIIIIIIII think so.

The astonishing Vincent Price. 'Nuff said.

The Collyer Brothers were some serious hoarders. Living in 1940s Manhattan, they collected (and compiled in their Harlem Brownstone home, that consisted of many booby traps to protect themselves from invasion) so many different, odd things. Such as 25,000 books, may glass chandeliers, 14 pianos, countless newspapers, human organs pickled in jars, 8 (live) cats, bowling balls, potato peelers and sooo much more. If you thought your spring cleaning was tough. Whew!

I love these things! Surely, not afraid to admit it =)
Does anybody else have any strange and freaky favs?

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