What was your first camera?
-Honestly, I don't remember. Probably a shitty film camera passed down from one of my parents. I do remember always wanting to hold the video camera when I was younger, but because of my accidental breakage of regular household items, they never handed it over to me.

Where did you go to college?
- Antonelli Institute of Art & Photography. I was planning on going to a regular 4 year university and major in some sort of Literature course, but something clicked in high school between me and a camera & the rest is pretty much history.
(P.S. I was super lazy in art school. I hung out with the cool kids, and I got a cool kid lip piercing. To be honest, I was too young to realize how hard it is in the real world. My outlook on the commercial business has changed a great deal, and it's been eye opening. In a good way, of course.)

Why are you always talking about dogs?
- Is this a serious question? Why isn't everybody always talking about dogs??! They're cute, clumsy, unpredictable, soft, loving, & totally amazing.

What are 3 movies you can't live without?
- Hmm, this is challenging because it can change on any given day. It's safe to say There Will Be Blood, Interview with a Vampire, Dawn of the Dead are always going to be in rotation.

So what are you? A food photographer or fine art photographer?
- Well, I'm both. Working in a studio setting, under another photographer, has been the most amazing experience. I've honestly learned more about lighting & photoshop simply because I needed to problem solve while on set. In school, there isn't that overwhelming feeling of making a client happy.
But I'm getting off track here. I'm a daytime food/commercial photographer who can't stand being away from my camera for any given amount of time, so fine art sort of came naturally.
I feel I have developed (and yet it still changes!) my natural eye, and coming back to food on my own (separate from the studio work I do) has been challenging. I'm a work in progress, always.

What are 5 everyday things you need to have?
- A hairdryer, coffee, my camera, toothbrush, & a radio of some kind.

What are 5 things that give you the creeps?
- Ha! Funny you would mention that. There i a whole blog post containing this information here!