spring vignettes

I took advantage of the recently chilly weather to set up a little something on the back dock of the studio, working with clover sprouts, fresh spring blooms from the market, vintage frames and the hunger games soundtrack which held me in a dark garden kind of mood. 

I admit I had a Starbucks venti by my side, too.


Actually, it feels more like Summer than Spring these days. Is it the same for you? I love doing Spring sales in the shop! It gives that boosted feeling of clearing out a room, making space for new and exciting photographs.

Please enjoy 25% off any print (or set!) in my shop now until April 15th!

Happy weekend!



It's been a long time since I've picked up my camera. During this time in my life, it feels so damn good to hold this old friend again. 

Prints can be found here & here
More coming soon...