new stuff

Just recently I've decided to make another home at Society6!

I love, and I mean I lurrrvvvv offering iphone cases & laptop skins to customers. So much so, I just bought myself my first (and I don't mean like an upgrade, I mean my VERY FIRST) iphone case.

Check out this little beast of a case named Scales!

Sexy, right? I can't wait to get it on my new iphone. Oh, I should probably buy that....
Yeah, I bought the case before the iphone. So?! Don't judge me...

I just finished packing some prints that will be headed in all directions within the US, and that is seriously amazing. It still shocks me that people, strangers even, are loving my prints. This feeling comes in particularly handy when I start feeling like everything I shoot is crap, and I should give up. Then I get a ridiculously nice email, or a special print order & you guys remind me why I'm doing this in the first place. Thank you so much! 

Come see me on Society6 and check out the iphone cases & laptop skins featuring my prints!


middle - october

I had quite a few things I wanted to do in October and I hate to admit, I haven't done any of them. Slacker, I know. I don't even have a right to complain, because I know it. Does it feel like this month is just slipping through your hands? October feels like it doesn't belong to me this year, it's kind of depressing.

This weekend was busy busy (with another wedding just right around the corner!), and I woke up Saturday and thought "Ok, seriously. This is ridiculous, I need to do Fall-like things today." So to the farm we went.

I picked up lots of pumpkins and gourds for our porch, as well as a few big luscious mums & I'm starting to feel a little bit better, a little more like I'm living in this season. Instead of watching it from a distance.

A list seems to be in order. These are things I need to do let's say....before I leave for Florida (and the insanely hot climate) November 20th.

- find a farm, pick some apples
- make pumpkin churros
- drink lots of pumpkin spice lattes
- watch The Frighteners, The Last Exorcism, the original House on Haunted Hill
- finish The Passage
- um....work...out

Who is doing awesome Autumn inspired things this month? What are you cooking? What is your Halloween costume? Any good scary movies you would recommend?  I need to live through you people!


Silversands & Maroma - Mexico part 1

Our Holiday has ended. Our Trilly is back home, and I've got a few photos to share with you! It didn't cross my mind until after I started editing that I didn't concentrate on the ocean as much as I usually do. It may have to do with the lushness of the jungle, or the fact that I spent most of my time jumping waves (and obviously that's too dangerous to bring a camera along...), or the ridiculously hardcore ping pong we played, but nonetheless I appreciated it's colors and vastness. Even if I forgot to photograph it :)


To be continued...


Donde estas tu pantelones?

I totally forget to tell anyone that I was going to Mexico! Opps. A much needed vacation was in order, and it just so happened that our good friends needed a honeymoon destination so wah-la! Montamos un avión a México!

Just dropped by to say a quick hello, and back to the beach we go :)

- T