supermarket fresh!

Few people know that I sell prints on SuperMarket ( a sweet little design market that caters to customers, and sends them directly to the designers!)
There are some insaneeeeeee artists over at Supermarket, and I vowed to give it just as much attention as Etsy. I'm in love with the quirky t-shirt designs, beautiful jewelry from brooklyn, and outlandish 70's style prints. Ahh! You gotta see for yourself!
Etsy, don't fret. You are my love, too. 
Here are a few favorites from SuperMarket!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I'm off to buy some clearance ribbon, and get some coffee. STAT!


Let's break it down.
Choose 2 prints to purchase, and choose ANOTHER 2 prints to be printed as an 8x8 and a 5x5. Please let me know the names of the prints you'd like for free, and which size.

Notes to seller: passing by 8x8 and mariella 5x5
Good? Yes? Yes!

Oh! and my 15% off Holiday sales will still be offered during the Black Friday Sale.
So everyyyyything you're getting is worth $70.00 but for two days only it will be for $34.00!

And of course, your discount will be refunded back
 to you through paypal after your purchase.

Green and Pretty

It's 10:07 and I am totally behind on my pie count this morning! I just wanted to quickly share that I did an interview with Courtney for her blog Green and Pretty.

This was my very first interview as a fine art photographer, and her questions were fantastic. They really made me think, and sort of dig deeper about who I am, artistically.

(if you haven't noticed, I have a severely hard time writing about myself. Especially in bio form)

If you have time today, head over to the post to learn a little about me

back to the pies, kiddos!


she is a little trooper. even 4 year old have bad days, but she still let me follow with my camera.

i like this camera. still though, so much to learn. i don't like that cayla's feet are cropped out. but i have my anxious/impatient personality to thank for that. still getting used to those guidelines!

all the crazy things happening in the 2nd photo is...um ::shrugs:: no idea! assuming the emulsion was stuck, and i guess the green streak is a light leak. although the camera hasn't done that since so it's not a concern.

this week is crazy. thanksgiving! i have 4 pies to bake by thursday, a bar mitzvah to edit, and my mom moves to florida this weekend. i'm really good at disconnecting myself from situations that cause myself or someone else pain. i have definitely done that with her leaving. we caught up yesterday and i helped with boxes. we cried and hugged for 10 minutes and even though nothing was said it just made me feel better. i feel like i just got her back and already we're saying our goodbyes. she's unbelievably strong, courageous and, determined. this will work out. love you momma.

Congratulations to Colin!
You will receive "oh, philly" matted for an 11x14 frame :)
Thanks for playing everyone!

I just needed to vent about the seriously horrible printer fiasco I had this weekend. Because of this fight with that mean little machine, I am on the look out for something NEW! Any suggestions? I was looking at the Epson 3880 (it would be for use at everybody at the studio too). I do love using my lab, but I really miss working with the print myself. The old printer just hasn't been giving me the same quality, so I packed it away. It was a mistake bringing it back out, I went through so much paper and frustration, and lots of coffee.
...it's staring at me while I type this and I'm actually getting angry! ;)


friday link love and a free print giveaway

i've made some print sets to share with you! they all have a cohesive look which is exactly what i wanted to go for. i'm pretty excited to get them on etsy, and hopefully they do well, so take a peek.

also just out are the long 8's


i am having a little giveaway over at facebook!
for this weekend only, you can win any 8x8 print from my shop. all you have to do is become a fan if you aren't already, and leave a comment under "free print - enter here" with the name of your favorite print. 
i'll be picking the winner by random sunday night and contacting you monday morning! sounds pretty easy smeezy.

and because i got so much hell from my friends about this, i am TOTALLY excited to see New Moon today! One of the reviews on rotten tomatoes stated that Lautner (eh hem, Jacob) acting improved tremendously sans shirt. maybe there would be oscar buzz if he took his pants off. ohhhh ha ha, so funny you are mr. rotten tomato guy. so funny. har har. :)



New Moon

In two days we'll be celebrating a 24th birthday,and an insanely anticipated (like a 14 year old girl) movie release. We decided to slip into the 11:00am showing, hoping that'll cut down the screeching girls a bit...
Happy early Birthday Brittany!



Happy Tuesday! I feel kind of lazy today,even though I've been to the post office to mail prints, grocery shopping for chicken fajita chili, looking for a cute outfit to wear for B's birthday, anddddddddddd primed and painted some square frames I got from TJ Max for $1.50 each. God, I love thrift shopping!
Surprisingly I have not taken a nap. Hm.....
Maybe the guilt of not picking up my camera in the past two days has urged me to write a post. I do have some exciting new land camera photos to share, but the laziness (there it is again) has taken over. I'll scan those babies in tomorrow.
Back to the kitchen to check on this chili!
By the by, has anyone caught the WWII in HD series on the History channel? I've been a nerd the past 2 nights in a row, watching it. It's breathtaking, and heart stopping. The footage shown is just...I can't explain. I have  a friend who worked in the post production team for the series. I know he's pretty proud of the end result.

don't forget I am having a 15% off sale at the etsy shop


The Breathless Ones

'the breathless ones' will be sold exclusively on my website. they are available as 5.5x5.5 note cards (can also be framed!) with matching envelopes, as well as 8x8 prints. the 1inch thick border will be visible on your print.
i'm head over heels with this set. the colors, the dimness of the light, everything.

i hope everyone has a nice weekend!

[note- the website shop is now divided into sections, 'prints' & 'cards'. i will be adding more items to the 'cards' sections shortly. annnddd skip over the bio, i am the most intense procrastinator and i feel like a tool talking about myself. i'll finish it one day, promise.]


Holiday Sales

Yep, that's right. Starting now until December 10th, everything in my shop will be 15% off! I'm kicking off the Holiday season early with this little treat (although I almost ran out of HomeGoods screaming because the Christmas music was WAY too loud!).
Have loved ones not in driving distance? I can mail directly to your gift recipient, no worries!
Also, each package will come with extra goodies to enjoy.

This season you could be really into birds, have a craving for some vintage love, or just looking for something small and sweet to post to a friend.

Come to the shop for more great Holiday gift ideas!

[notes- print set sales are not included.
discount will be refunded to you through


I hope everyone has an awesome (and very brisk!) weekend!
I am ready for-
[the king frost parade]
[my favorite little monkey]
[rich hot chocolate]
[tucking my cold hands in my love's arms]
[land camera fun!]
[reading the Strain]
[catching up on lost Entourage episodes]



Bob Merco is the kind of photographer  when asked to describe him, all I can do is say a lot of random words and make a lot of hand motions without really making sentences or any sense at all. He's that amazing. 
Bob is a filmmaker and photographer, creating HDR-ed abandoned treasures, music videos, and documentary films. On top of all that, he works full time with developmentally challenged adults in Colorado. 
Some of you may be familiar with his work, especially his crazy crazzzyyyy HDRs. If you haven't seen them, be prepared to be amazed. So enough talking because I'm a blubbering mess, here here is.

Bob's flickr