The Breathless Ones

'the breathless ones' will be sold exclusively on my website. they are available as 5.5x5.5 note cards (can also be framed!) with matching envelopes, as well as 8x8 prints. the 1inch thick border will be visible on your print.
i'm head over heels with this set. the colors, the dimness of the light, everything.

i hope everyone has a nice weekend!

[note- the website shop is now divided into sections, 'prints' & 'cards'. i will be adding more items to the 'cards' sections shortly. annnddd skip over the bio, i am the most intense procrastinator and i feel like a tool talking about myself. i'll finish it one day, promise.]


thislovelycity said...

These are so gorgeous! They would look beautiful grouped together on a wall. Hmmm.. I really need more wall space!

Zee said...

Very nice photographs! I just found you on Etsy!