she is a little trooper. even 4 year old have bad days, but she still let me follow with my camera.

i like this camera. still though, so much to learn. i don't like that cayla's feet are cropped out. but i have my anxious/impatient personality to thank for that. still getting used to those guidelines!

all the crazy things happening in the 2nd photo is...um ::shrugs:: no idea! assuming the emulsion was stuck, and i guess the green streak is a light leak. although the camera hasn't done that since so it's not a concern.

this week is crazy. thanksgiving! i have 4 pies to bake by thursday, a bar mitzvah to edit, and my mom moves to florida this weekend. i'm really good at disconnecting myself from situations that cause myself or someone else pain. i have definitely done that with her leaving. we caught up yesterday and i helped with boxes. we cried and hugged for 10 minutes and even though nothing was said it just made me feel better. i feel like i just got her back and already we're saying our goodbyes. she's unbelievably strong, courageous and, determined. this will work out. love you momma.

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Unknown said...

I absolutely adore that first photo! It looks like a very old photograph [even a little haunted]. Oh, you never cease to amaze!

I'm sorry to hear about your mom.. Things always do have a way of working out.

Good luck with those pies [and maybe share some recipes!!]