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Just recently I've decided to make another home at Society6!

I love, and I mean I lurrrvvvv offering iphone cases & laptop skins to customers. So much so, I just bought myself my first (and I don't mean like an upgrade, I mean my VERY FIRST) iphone case.

Check out this little beast of a case named Scales!

Sexy, right? I can't wait to get it on my new iphone. Oh, I should probably buy that....
Yeah, I bought the case before the iphone. So?! Don't judge me...

I just finished packing some prints that will be headed in all directions within the US, and that is seriously amazing. It still shocks me that people, strangers even, are loving my prints. This feeling comes in particularly handy when I start feeling like everything I shoot is crap, and I should give up. Then I get a ridiculously nice email, or a special print order & you guys remind me why I'm doing this in the first place. Thank you so much! 

Come see me on Society6 and check out the iphone cases & laptop skins featuring my prints!

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