London Theatre, anyone?

$17 vintage linen from JenniesJunque + mad sewing skills =


I am so in love with this pillow! (oh, please excuse the horrible sofa, which we've covered with a blanket. We are getting a brand new sofa in just a couple weeks! I won't be so ashamed of our way too shabby to be chic living room anymore.) I had an old 15x27 pillow with a kind of crappy, brown zebra cover that sat squished between our bed and a side table. Since the dying zebra cover came off easily,
I knew I could find something to to help fix it up and put the new sewing machine to use.

This linen measured 31''x21''. It was a tad short width wise so I added extra linen (with a decorative stitch) to fill it out.

I also have been trying my hand at puckering designs for pillow fronts. Martha Stewart shows a small,
yet not-so-detailed description of how to accomplish this look in Encyclopedia of Sewing & Fabric
It always seems that her directions are shady and somehow hit or miss. What's the deal, Martha?

Trillz Approved


Natasha said...

Very cool linen and good job on the pillow! Trillz is a cutie pie :)

jen said...

Looks great! I never even thought of making a pillow out of it. You are very creative :)

Tina Crespo said...

thanks ladies!!
Trill is adorable isn't she? She's also SUPER bad :)

Dandelion and Grey said...

This pillow is darling! And so is Trill!