I think I'm finally getting back into the groove of things now that we're a tiny (and I mean..super tiny) bit settled in our new home. I realized a very important fact about Mike & myself.
We're hoarders.
Not the trash keeping, paper clip collecting, strapping ourselves to chairs so we don't fall in the muck on the floor, kind of hoarders.
I guess more along the lines of pack rats.
A lot of stuff, no where to go with it. We're working on it, though.

I'm not completely ready to feature whole rooms at once (because I've strategically not shown the towering boxes in any of these photos), so here are some mini scenes from our new place at Bridge, Berwyn.
I apologize for small images, I didn't want a long row of single images :/

taken with FXCam on Motorola Backflip

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Katrina LB King said...

found you on supermarket today. love the sunflowers ;)