ok, enough with the pillow making already.

I never considered myself crafty.
Or, domestic. Yes, I can cook, water plants and make pretties with a camera, but furniture finishing? Pillow-making? DIYing? Count me out.
With my old age (that would be 25) I find myself daydreaming about fabrics, wood finishes, and cute containers to hold all my pencils, or kitchen things.
Yes, I officially became that girl.
The funny thing is, I don't mind it at all. I really enjoy learning how to create things for my home, and the whole cheap ticket really is the best part.

I adored this little button up skirt from American Eagle I got last summer. At the time, I was flirting with the idea of wearing more skirts (my wardrobe is pretty basic) and this (which was also on sale!) seemed a great way to start it out.

So fast forward to this summer, and I'm 30 lbs lighter.
Meaning, this skirt just falls to the floor when I put it on.
I loved the button detail so much, I decided I could make it into a pillow.
And that I did.

The fabric is a really, really soft corduroy, grayish blue with great bronzey buttons.
When I finished cutting the first panel, I did toy with the idea of making it a cute strapless top of some sort.
But let's be honest, my sewing machine skills are extremely limited.
It would have been a disaster. I can only make pillows. Seriously.

I can't get over the cute little buttons!

The size is a 18x12 insert. The white pillows behind, I have yet to find a fabric for. They will stay white, but I'm thinking a linen of some sort. I got those 2 from Ross for $4.
Oh! And this new (to me) white comforter is an Ikea down comforter that I think runs for $30-$40?
I got it at Liberty Thrift for $12

The hardest part was the elastic synched waistband, I kind of left a bit of it at the top of the pillow (which is stratigically not shown) so it would be easier to sew closed. It's not perfect, but that doesn't really matter.

Alrighty, now that I've made several pillows for my bed, I think it's time to tackle something bigger. Any ideas? Anything that's not hard like a sofa slipcover?

I'm going to focus on packing and getting things ready for the new apartment in the next week. Things will be a little MIA for a bit, but I'll be back. With new apartment pics, of course :)

Enjoy your weekends, lovies!


Dandelion and Grey said...

I saw this on FB and have been meaning to comment over here! This is SO great! What a perfect use for an old item of clothing. I can't get over the buttons either-- seriously TOO cute!

eliska.h said...

haha i love it!

Miss Val's Creations said...

Great job converting the skirt into a pillow! I'm limited with my sewing skills too so I lack ideas as well!!!!

Robyn said...

OH what an ADORABLE pillow! You did such a fabulous job! My sewing machine and I have a love/hate relationship so I doubt I could talk it into making something as lovely! ...and how very GREEN of you to upscale that skirt!
btw, I'm happy I found you through Alice's Adventures In Wonderland. I'm your newest follower. ;-)

wishful nals said...

love it! i think you're pretty darn crafty :)