Florida is hot. Seriously.

I am back from Florida, and although refreshed I somehow caught a little flu and I'm feeling pretty miserable today. Luckily it's cloudy and chilly outside, so I can stay in my house and watch HGTV without guilt.

I'm out of shape, and it's sickening.
Not a body out of shape, but a fine art out of shape. 
All the images from my Florida trip seem uninspired, and dull.
Ugh, it's very disappointing. It's funny how all this time I've been using my camera differently (more food shots), and when I try to go back to shooting scenery I just fall flat.

Ok, well I do have one photograph that I felt was pretty cool.
It's actually the first one I took when we arrived. Go figure.

I wanted this image to set the mood for how I would photograph the rest of the trip.
But things didn't seem to quite work out that way. I couldn't tell you the reasons, it just wasn't going to happen and I wasn't about to force anything.

Or make any of you look at ugly photos and ask (or beg) to say nice things about them.
That just isn't me.

Where is the groove, and how do I get it back?
I can already hear my Dad "Practice makes perfect, and you're out of practice, so stop whining and go shoot." Thanks ahead of time, Pops.

Things are really busy here (that seems to be the norm, though) and- 


I really almost forgot about my important little news.

........so...Mike and I move into our first apartment September 1st.
We're super excited, and admittedly, a little nervous.
I wanted to share some pics but when we did our first walk through, it never even crossed our minds. I think it was because we knew this would be our new home, and there'd be plenty of time for pictures later. So there, I've shared it!

I never lived with a boyfriend before and I'm figuring there's going to be some seriously weird things I'll have to get used to.
Any of you have any tips when it comes to living with the opposite sex?
I'd appreciate a head's up on anything!

Well, back to Design Star & a cup of a coffee.



shelly said...

to say florida is HOT is an understatement! it is STEAMY down here and raining buckets.

Tina Crespo said...

lol AGREED. I didn't want to be too harsh to Florida ;)

andrea said...

first off, i love the florida picture! and yes florida is sooo hot right now, i was there for a week at the beginning of july and i'm going back again in mid-september to visit my boyfriend. i know it's not going to be much cooler then, but i'm still kinda hoping :)

and second: congrats on the apartment! i'm so excited for you!!! i have never shared an apartment with a boyfriend either, though when i was in florida for college, i basically lived with him for 9 months. i really can't tell you anything, i didn't think it was any differently living with him than with anyone else. in fact it's better, cuz you can walk around naked :P

and when you do move in, please take pictures!! i am vicariously living through anyone who gets to live in their own apartment with their boyfriend/husband. two things i wish i could do right now rather than living at home with my parents...

oh, and no advice on the taking better pictures thing. i tend to agree with you though, don't force it :)

andrea said...

ps. i just noticed "never let me go" isn't on your sidebar anymore. did you finish it? did you like it??

liza said...

I'm from Florida {although, not living there now} so I feel your pain about how hot it can get in the summer. I did the same thing when I went to Venice. My pictures were soooooooo BAAAAAADDDDD!!! That I only posted four of them on the blog. So, I made my husband drive us back on our way back from a military conference in Germany. I'm so glad we did because I got the pics I wanted.

Good luck with the move. My best advice when living with someone of the opposite sex...is to split up the responsibilities around the house and give each other some slack when things don't get done right away. Ciao.

kaelyn said...

having separate closets has helped SO much. he can keep it messy and just shut the door and i don't have to look at it when i get my stuff. =)

Tina Crespo said...
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Tina Crespo said...

Andrea- YES I finished, and it was seriously good! I'm always weary of movie adaps, but I'm kind of excited for this one.
I plan to take a lot of pics at our new place, and hopefully feature a lot of the furniture and deco we'll be doing there. Pretty excited :)
I have lived at home for a year now, and I know it's time to move on but I'll really miss my dad, and hometown friends, and of course Charlie.
Liza- that's great you got a second go of it, I'll probably be back down to florida in early spring which i think is their produce season? Maybe I'll try visiting some orchards.
KAE- Soooo since Piggy was always in Mike's closet, she'll be in (my) Mike's closet too? lol Mothra.

Dandelion and Grey said...

Oh, I'm so excited for you about your new apartment! I can't wait to see photos!

Also, I love this image from your Florida trip. It's really interesting and conveys a mood. I have been creatively stumped as well lately, so I understand. I'm sure you'll be able to work through the roadblock and come out even better on the other side!

Your dad has good advice.. xoxo