Sometimes I really wish I lived on an island. Something smallish, with a community of easy going, easy talking people who don't feel the need to rush through their days & drive like maniacs on the road. I'd have a garden, definitely some fruit trees and loads of books (shipped from Amazon, no doubt).
This photograph pretty much sums up that entire feeling of solitude. But in a really, really good way.

By nature, I am a solitary person. It may have something to do with the dueling aspects of being a Gemini. The whole two personality thing could have different meanings, and in my case it can be applied to my moods which then affects whether or not I want to be bothered by anyone. I don't think this is necessarily a bad thing, but it can be misconstrued as such. It's really not that weird to be alone, and enjoy it. I can entertain myself pretty easily, and it must have been a skill I picked up as a kid. I really like driving around by myself, and I really like seeing moves alone, too.

I think a lot of photographers, especially those who enjoy landscapes, can relate to the I'm all by myself, and it's awesome! feeling you get when it's just a landscape or scene, you, and your camera. We (the loners) have a companion that travels with us in silence and that's totally fine.

But admittedly, this feeling doesn't really apply when checking out abandoned buildings. I'm a serious pain in the ass about the whole thing, and there are even rules about staying in small groups when exploring a new floor. It's a safety thing, and more importantly I do not want to come up on a 100 year old crazy spirit by myself.

This past weekend my birthday was celebrated with friends on the beach, and I've got the ocean and sky on my mind today. Is it obvious? 

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andrea despot said...

this is all kind of the same reason i dream of being a lighthouse keeper... and i can completely relate to everything you wrote about being a solitary person (and hey, i'm a gemini too!)

ps. i really REALLY love that first photograph!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tina, just found your blog through your Etsy shop :) My husband's family lives on a tiny island just like you described, and I was having many of the same thoughts last weekend when we visited. I seem to crave solitude more than most people I know (I always wonder if it's from growing up without brothers or sisters??) and definitely feel most myself when alone exploring with my camera. Love that first photo.

Michelle said...

Love these photos!

Kimia Kline said...

happy belated! and those pictures are so calm and beautiful. i definitely feel like island life is the answer sometimes.

Joy said...

As a gemini myself, I completely get it. The endless water, the long days on the beach with a book...sigh.


Tina Crespo said...

Thanks ladies!
I think we all have a little bit inside us that is drawn to the idea of island living. It just seems so perfect!