unmentionables - olga vayner

It absolutely astounds me that some of the most beautiful, creative, thought provoking photography could have such few comments in our lovely world of flickr. Sometimes what is safe and cute may be popular.
But can also be boring...
I sincerely doubt you will find Olga Vayner's photography a yawn fest.

The depths of color (or rather, tones in the black and whites) are to die for.
The styling of each photograph is perfection, each piece is monumental.

I urge you to travel to Olga's Flickr Stream and leave this phenomenal photographer some comments.
You won't be disappointed. 


andrea said...

wow! you found a real talent, thanks for introducing her!

by the way, if i do have any post cards left over i'll be selling them in my shop :)

Dandelion and Grey said...

Beautiful photos! Thanks for the introduction, Lady!