Art Star Craft Bazaar

This weekend was all about the artsy fartsy crafty stuff.
Of course, I needed to go and begged Mike to come along.
I found a flickr pool of past events, and ohhhhhh my god it got me all excited for our little trip into the city.
It was really amazing, and we had such great weather! All the vendors were super cool and loved chatting it up. Oh! The food was great too, Mike kept going on and on about the vegan chocolate chip cookies. He was on a roll, and very loud about it too.
 I found out that JAY McCARROLL (Winner of Project Runway season 1) was going to have his booth selling The Colony at the bizaar. He is so fabulous in person (like you had any doubts...), and was selling really fun items.
I couldn't leave without purchasing his Crack Rabbit Tote, as well as a couple other items(see below).
Here are a few pictures from that day.


Mason Jar Dishtowel Open Eyes Press
Overly Vulgar Mini Cards Misanthrope Specialty Company

Mike got this JAWN shirt from Secret Lovers
Yeah, he's a picture ruiner like myself. Probably why I like him.

Here are a few other shops that blew my mind:
It was a pretty wonderful weekend, all up until the shooting pain started in my left hip and leg. I'm thinking it's my sciatic nerve, definitely the wrong time to have an injury.
It's the last week of P90X, and of course I go and hurt myself!

How was everyone's weekend?


andrea said...

hey tina!

looks like you had an awesome weekend! you got some really cool stuff! i want that crack rabbit tote! so cool! and those vulgar cards... and jay mccarroll... :)

thanks so much for what you wrote on my blog :) i'm going to try to find fairs that cater to a different crowd rather than just woodworkers, quilters, crafty-types, etc. (sounds just like that show you said you had the one time; i was the only photographer at this one too.)


ps. by the way, jay looks like he's lost a lot of weight! and what's this p90x thing? is that that super intense dvd workout i keep seeing on tv??

Tina Crespo said...

Thanks Andrea! I know you'll do great at your next show!

Jay did in fact lose weight, actually he was on the latest Celebrity Fit Club and was the badass with the "STFU and do the work" attitude, which I love!!

P90X is that crazy hard "get ripped in 90 days" workout. I'm not exactly ripped, but I have lost 20 lbs which is incredible. Once you get past the initial month of pain, it really becomes apart of your every day life.

Krystal said...

awww, so jealous!!

Melina said...

Your weekend sounds amazing!! I just found your blog, and I love it! I'm now a giddy follower! Oh, and you're so lucky to meet Jay! I adore him and would probably faint in his presence haha!

thu said...

wow, Jay McCarroll looks great!

looked like a really fun weekend and you were able to enjoy such nice weather :)

andrea said...

that's awesome that you've lost so much weight! do the dvds work well for you? i always feel i wouldn't be motivated in front of the tv, that i'd get bored with it. i'd much rather be in a class where the instructor can tell you if you're doing something wrong.

by the way, you said you might want to get some of those postcards if i had any left over. well, i obviously didn't sell any of them, so they 're now in my shop:


Misanthrope Specialty Co. said...

Thank you for the kind words and endorsement.

The Company is tickled by your photo of the strategically places Message Cards.
-- Heywood McGillicuddy