Terrain: the obsession continues...

::I was very inspired by this beautiful tablescape!::

I'm cutting out early this week, with Maggie headed to Paris there's a little downtime at the studio.
Downtime as in shooting, because I will be cleaning out every room we've got, and reorganizing.
Which, the nerd in me, freaking loves.

I also hope to finish up a little magazine table project I started, and take a desperately needed trip to the bookstore for coffee and relaxation.

Enjoy your day, folks!


Dandelion and Grey said...

Oh my goodness.. seriously!? I'm obsessed.

I hope you get to relax a bit! Do we get to hear about the magazine table project!?

olive juice photography said...

i second what erin says! im obsessed!... i havent been by in a while and i apologize for that.. but i hope all is well.. i love what you have done to the "place" and i love your photography as always.. i hope all is well with you tina :)

Laura Trevey said...

Love these...

Featured today on Bright, Bold, and Beautiful!

xoxo Laura

elle moss said...

beautiful photos! love love love your blog, btw :)

Tina Crespo said...

E - I was just editing the table post when you commented on this one lol. It will be up soon!

Leila my dear, no worries! I've been doing some well needed 'get my head straight' activies, so I've been like a ghost lately :) Things are great, I hope the same to you!

Laura- Thank you! I love the post :)

Elle - Really appreciate it! Your work is stunning, as always.

forget.me.knot.weddings said...

Such a great post! Love your blog!