Another busy week has come to a close.
The sun has been so good to us east coasters this week,
it's kind of hard to see gray skies and raindrops this morning.
Wicked, wicked games you play Mother Nature.

A lil (belated) update:
One of my photographs was chosen for a poetry book
Seared with InkPortraits of Life in Poetry and Prose.
by Stephen Ferrandi

Stephen worked hard for years gathering poems and prose about
love, nature, and the ins and outs of life itself.
He chose the photograph above for his poem "Vacation Land in Darkness".

I was thrilled to receive my 5 copies a few weeks ago (ok...it maybe have been more than a month.
 I'm horrible at updates.) I kept a copy for myself, and dispersed the rest among family members
who wanted one.
A trail of rumors tell me the book may do a limited run in Barns & Noble,
once I know for sure I'll let everyone know. 
Naturally, I'll be the nerd who poses with it in the poetry isle.
Don't judge me.

I hope everybody has a wonderful weekend!!


olive juice photography said...

OH MY GOODNESS! tina! this is sooo exciting! congrats ! oh pose all you want! ahhhhhhh i am excited!

Hannah Sadie said...

congrats! I just found your blog, it's oh so sweet :)

Dandelion and Grey said...

T!!!!! This is the best news ever. Congrats! I'm so, so excited for you! Please keep us posted on Barnes & Noble or where to order.. I definitely want a copy! xo