Another week has flown by! 
It seems I only get to post on Fridays, this is getting ridiculous.

How is everyone doing?
I'm currently eating some oatmeal, about to organize the fabric
containers at the studio, and possibly work on some new prints...

Oh! If  you haven't done so already, head over to 
to enter Erin's giveaway of 1 8x8 print (from myself)!
She's a doll, and so many wonderful people have been entering.

This must be the giveaway season because if you keep a
close eye on Lindsay's blog 
next week we'll be teaming up also....
of course a little giveaway will be held there as well.
Excited? Yeah, me too.
P.S. isn't this the best blog name ever?
Lindsay is funny and super sweet, I highly
recommend checking her out.

It's also time for a new postcard set.
They have arrived.
Fresh, fresh fresh from the printer!!!
I will be showcasing them on Monday!

Well, into the fabric containers I go...
I hope I don't get lost
Or...accidently take a nap....

Have a great weekend!!


andrea said...

those four photos look great together! have a wonderful weekend :)

Aron said...

Hi there, your photos have such a great style! I've been trying to get some of my shots to have a similar look, and so far have not quite been able to get them there. Thanks for the inspiration!

Dandelion and Grey said...

Best blog name. EVER. Looking forward to that giveaway! Cannot WAIT to see the postcards!

Happy Weekend, T! xo