Ummm sooooo has anybody seen these bags?
So I get to carry my equipment around in pretty Belle instead of that awful backpack that I've been using foreverrrrr? 
Sign me up!!
And check out Epiphaniebags!!


Sandy a la Mode said...

ohhh i could totally use one of these camera bags! so very functional and cute! right now, i'm just using a boring black video camera bag, blah!

olive juice photography said...

oh cute! dude i might need that red one!

andrea said...

hey! you were featured on this blog:


the blogger didn't know who the source was for the last photo, so i left a comment telling her it was you :)

Tina Crespo said...

o0o0o thanks Andrea!!!
.......should i tell her that those are actually not polaroids? just prints....lol

andrea said...

lol... i don't know :P