I have spent alllllll morning going through boxes of prints, and clearing up
getting ready for Spring to come and bless us with 
pretty flower buds
 the soft aroma of fresh grass
laundry swaying in the wind

ahhhhh, i can see & smell it all now.
even though it's lightly snowing outside.
(ehem mother nature, you know it's March right?
.....just checking.)

I'm offering prints, matted prints & mini sets for 
an amazing SPRING CLEAN UP discount over at the shop!

'Why so cheap,' You ask?

Well, some prints are duplicates that I've forgotten about (oops), some are printed on 
a paper that I haven't used in forever and probably won't again anytime soon.

The matted photographs were used in art shows, & flea markets
I've got a LOT, and why not share some of them with you at HALF the cost?

Sounds like a deal to me. 
So stop by and enjoy the clean up!

*I'll be adding more by the day's end, my car is in the shop 
& I can't leave the studio. Perfect timing to get these prints photographed :) *


olive juice photography said...

oh hey now! i may need some more artwork! :)

Shrimp Salad Circus said...

Okay now I have to go check this out. I LOVE your work!!!