A quick THANK YOU to everyone
who voted for me in The Lovelies. 

I came in 2nd for 'Art & Photo Shop'

And thanks to Rachel for pulling it all off,
sooo many wonderful shops & blogs were nominated.
I had a lot of fun browsing through them all and finding
new favorites.


Anonymous said...


Sandy said...

Congrats Tina! Your photos are really lovely! =)

Dandelion and Grey said...

Congrats Love!! You DEFINITELY deserved a win!! So happy for you :) xo

Kaelyn said...


thu said...

woo hoo! i voted for you! I didn't know you were submitted until i saw and realized that i follow your blog religiously! LOL! i'm so glad you are in the top!! :)

Rachel Follett said...

Thank you for the shout out and congrats Tina! :)