Call on Me

It's Award time over at Lovely Clusters,
where you can nominate and vote for blogs under catagories like design, fashion, handmade, interior design, photography, & wedding.
As well as nominate or vote for your favorite Etsy shops!

Which means you can also nominate and vote for this blog,
town above water, and my etsy shop!

::hint hint:: ::nudge nudge:: 

The winners get some pretty sweet prizes, and I'm really excited to see who all gets nominated.

Head over to The Lovelies now
and please vote for me!

It would totally make my day :)

Voting ends Midnight February 28th


Anonymous said...
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This Lovely City said...

Tina!! Congrats on the nominations...best of luck! xoxo

dandelion daydream photography said...

ooh congrats! i will head over and leave a vote after work.. i just wanted to stop by and say.. guess what just came to me in the mail!! looks so great tina and your packaging is so cute and simple.. i will leave some love on etsy later as well! thank you thank you thank you! :) you rock