One of my best friends finally (withhhhh maximum pushing from myself and her boyfriend)
opened her own etsy shop!!
Kaelyn has been my go to girl for UE adventures ever since we lived together
in Manayunk. It's kind of where we both got our start.

....Chasing around old, creepy things.

She has been such a great support to me for my
own work, that when her shop finally, FINALLY opened 
I just had to share it with all of you!
I just know you guys will love her work as much as I do! 

Kaelyn is offering *free shipping* to the US
for her Grand Opening!

Find Kaelyn:
| Flickr | Shop |


Kaelyn said...

<3! Thanks!!

andrea said...

her work is gorgeous!

This Lovely City said...

Oh my goodness! Her photos are so stunning! I love getting to know new shops and photographers! Yay! xo

thu said...

gorgeous photographs!