today's details:
over a foot of snow
homemade camera ''SNOW SUIT''
unlimited cups of hot chocolate
spongebob on replay
a snow bunny of a dog
a wild snowbound niece (with an "i'm a big sister!" pin in hand)
a good book.

mmmmmm, and warm, toasty socks.


Gali said...

Wow! Now that's a lot of snow in one day. But snow is amazing, everything is white and with a foot of snow, you can be sure that it's probably going to stay around for a while!

dandelion daydream photography said...

if the sky insists on being grey, i request that it at least dump some snow around here.. these are pretty.. although i love spring and mostly summer, these shots are making me want to drive to the mountains to have a photo journey.. around these parts.. we have to go to the snow.. it doesnt come to us.. i am forever trying to understand what it's like to wake up to a foot of snow! :) lovely lovely as always !

Tina Crespo said...

gali- you are def right about it sticking around! i think the only one who is happy about that is our dog, charlie.

leila- i never thought of it that way, chasing after snow. all my life i've been dumbed on by it, not by choice :D

This Lovely City said...

I'll take some please!!! xo

Anonymous said...

lovely, i really enjoy winter although we don't get any snow down here in Fl.