The snow really pressed my buttons.
Like, all of them.

Anybody notice that everybody acts differently around large
amounts of weather?
What is it about the wet white stuff that makes us

During the stormy weather I successfully:

 read "Black Fly Season" by Giles Blunt
shoveled my car out of the snow bank...
...4 times.
Drank cups & cups of french pressed coffee.

And revamped my entire website!

It's pretty safe to say you all know about my bad habit of changing
things before they ever feel comfortable.
I promise, this website stays this way for a long time. I really love it!
The gallery is pretty cool, and I love the new fresh images for the homepage.
 I even added a real mini bio (that's HUGE!).

If you get a chance to swing by there, let me know what you think!

Enjoy the rest of your day!


Kaelyn said...

Looks good!

My question with the snow is why, WHY do the snowmobilers only come out after 10:30pm. i don't get it, and it disturbs my slumber. ;(

dandelion daydream photography said...

ahhh tina this is so exciting! i love how you can see all your pictures the way you have it set up! so unique.. i am seriously obsessed with your photography.. your images are so beautiful.. every one of them..!

Tina Crespo said...

k- do you remember the 4wheelers out in germantown? ggrrr.... i do...
leila- thank you! i really love the new setup. i feel like my art is finally contained properly lol

This Lovely City said...

TINA! I LOVE it! It looks amazing :) I love the simple grey & white background + the photos, of course, are BEYOND beautiful!!

p.s.MMMM french press coffee!!! xo

Anonymous said...

Your work is amazing!