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Hello, hello!
I am in the middle of a very intense pretzel shoot (oh my) but
wanted to stop in quickly to thank Twiggs for interviewing
me about my fine art shops. 

If you've got a moment check it out on her blog and stay
tuned for more great shop owner interviews!


twiggs said...

hello tina (and not tania :p) thank you so much for this mention on your blog! i loved having you and we should do it again!!! :) take care!!! happy pretzel shoot!!! :) twiggs

Tina Crespo said...

thank you for having me!! I'd love to team up again :)
ps Tania is actually a cool name...it could be my alter ego :D

Mervi, Tomato Branch said...

Twiggs' blog is pretty awesome in general. I love visiting it and she's very nice all the time!