dear you

dear fast & furious honda guy that tried to race me yesterday,
just because i drive a mazda, with an insanely unnecessary exhaust
doesn't mean i am going to partake in your game.
yes, i know beating a girl will boost your ego
but it still won't change that POS you're driving.

dear mourning doves this morning,
generally i love your cooing. but today?
what was that?

dear cannoli,
i really, really wanted to eat you yesterday.
really, really, really.

dear itunes shuffle,
you have been amazing these past few days.
please don't stop bringing the good stuff!

dear running kicks,
i can't believe i lived a life without you!
i never thought i could run without feeling
death is running behind me either.

dear bangs,
you look cute. but please grow a litttttllleee bit longer.

dear friends from a distant land,
have you met (and friended!!)

dear future apartment with boyfriend,
i can't wait to meet you.


andrea said...

lol, love this :)

The Childlike empress said...

if i were writing a 'dear' note today it would be...
dear ipod,
sorry i left you at a bar on saturday night...please come home!'

Dandelion and Grey said...

WEE! I love this! So cute!